Hilton Website Updated – needs improvement

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First Impression

On the first inspection the new Hilton website, in my opinion, is an improvement. It’s a lot less cluttered and modern looking. When searching for a hotel (which is what most normal people do on a hotel website!) it still brings up the old style list, but once you go into a specific property it’s all very clear

Hilton website updated

This does make it very easy to book the Honors Discount rate, which in this example is not the cheapest available. That said, the other rates are highlighted right below. Overall, it’s not as easy to initially compare all the rates on offer as it was. Once you select a room type, you are presented with a nice list of rates, with the discount available as a Honors member highlighted.

Hilton website updated


The Downside

Here’s the big problem for committed status chasers (admission: I am one!).

Hilton website updated

I can see that I have Diamond status; great but that only covers this year. The implication here is that I have reached Diamond with my 41 nights, but that is not the case.

I can switch to a points view, and that gives a similar false impression.

Hilton website updated

Nope, 44,106 points ain’t gonna get me Diamond status next year either.

As most of my stays are 1 or 2 nights, the 30 stay requirement is how I aim to re-qualify for Diamond in 2020. You see the problem? There is no option to review your number of stays.

In fact, there is no obvious way to check your progress towards status qualification using the new Hilton website. Who thought that was a good idea?

What can I do?

Short of going back over the list of stays/nights/points in the last year and comparing them to the stated requirement, your only option currently is to use the Hilton mobile app. I actually really like the app, it offers much better search and filter capabilities than the website, so I use it a lot. Thankfully, it also continues to provide the progress indicators towards elite status.


Hilton website updatedI can’t imagine this will stay in this state, it’s kind of ridiculous that you can’t tell what status you will have next year without working it out for yourself. For me, I can probably remember the number 2, as that is the number of stays required, but why should I need to? I will raise this with Hilton, and hopefully they will be updating the site further to restore this functionality.

My underlying concern is that the app will get a ‘refresh’ to give the same look and feel, and then we’ll really be in trouble!

Watch this space.



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