British Airways Tier Points Chart For All Destinations (Part One: A-L)

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British Airways Tier Points chart for all destinations (A-L) and all Classes of travel

I was writing a piece a while ago about earning status with BA and couldn’t find a chart anywhere that displayed how many Tier Points passengers earn on flights to each destination served by British Airways in each Class of travel.

This meant that I had to search each destination individually using BA’s (slightly dodgy) Tier Points calculator which was a little time consuming and frustrating, so I thought I’d produce a chart myself instead and save everyone the hassle in future (if you’re reading BA, I think a free First Class flight would be an appropriate token of your gratitude…).

So, if you want to know at a glance how many Tier Points you will earn on BA flights between London and wherever – here you go:

BA Tier Points Chart A-L

I’ve done the table alphabetically so that each destination is easy to find, and split it into 2 halves because it’s pretty big – click here for destinations beginning with M-Z.

All the numbers in the chart are for one-way flights, for a Return simply double the number.

As you can see, the exact fare class only makes a difference to the number of Tier Points earned with Economy bookings, not Business or First, but I thought I’d put all the data in for the sake of completeness and to help avoid any confusion.

british airways tier points chart

How do I find which fare class I’m booking?

It may be (genuinely) surprising, but BA have actually produced a nice simple guide here that explains how to find your fare class.

To find out how many Tier Points you can earn from flights on Iberia and other OneWorld partner airlines, you’re just going to have to carry on using the BA Tier Points Calculator (there are far too many possible routes for me to produce a table!).

As I mentioned at the beginning, BA’s Tier Point calculator can be a bit wonky, and given the amount of data, I might have made some inputting errors too – if you notice anything that doesn’t look right please let me know in the comments and I’ll correct it!


    • Joe Deeney says

      Ha, cheers yeah – definitely longer than I initially anticipated, but it wasn’t too bad. I’ve always found that good music, long journeys, and a mild hangover are highly conducive for getting through repetitive tasks!

  1. Fraser says

    Great chart thanks. I am only a few points short of retaining my gold card so will use the chart to help me plot the cheapest/shortest journey to get there.
    By the way, there is a new Club Europe cabin for domestic flights as of 1 April with the same tier points available as for flexible economy tickets.

  2. Sally says

    That must have taken ages to compile, but it is SO helpful.
    Thank you very, very much, extremely grateful.

  3. Gordon Simpson says

    Thanks Joe, this is very handy and way quicker than the calculator. One small point – I notice there are no values for domestic Business / Club Europe? May be just that you did this before those fares became available (Aberdeen, Inverness, Edinburgh etc – 40 TP each way)



  4. Mark says

    Excellent info – thanks!

    I don’t know if you can help with a related question. I’ve got a return flight booked with the outbound leg before my year end date and the inbound after my year end date!

    I’ll be pretty close to retaining silver at the time so it would be useful to know if the outbound tier points are credited once that sector has been flown, or not until after the return sector.

    • Gordon Simpson says

      I’ll bow to Joe’s expertise but in my experience each leg’s tier points are added, usually 48 hours or so after flying.

      If youy’re that close to a tier status renewal, i’d calls BAEC.. i’d expect them to cut you a bit of slack for something that close.


    • Craig Sowerby says

      The tier points will credit along with the flight, but the “value date” will be the date flown.

      So, for example, if the flight that gets you over the requalification hurdle takes place on the 7th, you’re completely fine, even if you don’t see the Avios and Tier Points until the 9th or 10th. (partner flights can take longer)

      This only matters if you’re in a rush to upgrade a tier, but for requalification you’re fine since your current status lasts until the end of the next month (i.e. 30 September for a 8 August TP year end)

  5. Alan Robertson says

    A few years back, I was heading to miss out on Silver. My return flight from BKK was needed to make up the 600 Tier Points, but my flight back was delayed 5 days after BKK had been occupied by Yellow Shirts. That took me over my Year End Date.
    I emailed BA on my return, and they happily gave me Silver.

  6. Rachel says

    Hi there
    Firstly thanks so much for this chart – it is MEGA useful!
    Quick Q – does anyone know if you can delay tier points? I am already Gold and I have a flight from Cape Town in First that departs on 8th December which is my tier point collection year end date > would obviously prefer those points to go towards next year. Maybe they would let me as it is literally on the day, landing the day after?

    • Craig Sowerby says

      From Glasgow? I think you’re stuck with British Airways to London (and beyond). I imagine that many Glaswegians also drive over to Edinburgh airport for more long-haul options…

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