British Airways Tier Points Chart For All Destinations (Part Two: M-Z)

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British Airways Tier Points chart for all destinations (M-Z) and all Classes of travel

If you want to know at a glance how many Tier Points you will earn on BA flights between London and wherever – here you go (I’ve done the chart alphabetically so that each destination is easy to find, and split it into 2 halves because it’s pretty big).

BA Tier Points Chart M-Z

This is Part Two, so if you’re looking to find out how many Tier Points you would earn on flights to destinations beginning with A-L check out Part One here

All the numbers in the chart are for one-way flights, for a Return simply double the number.

As you can see, the exact fare class only makes a difference to the number of Tier Points earned with Economy bookings, not Business or First, but I thought I’d put all the data in for the sake of completeness and to help avoid any confusion.

British Airways 747

How do I find which fare class I’m booking?

It may be (genuinely) surprising, but BA have actually produced a nice simple guide here that explains how to find your fare class.

To find out how many Tier Points you can earn from flights on Iberia and other OneWorld partner airlines, you’re just going to have to carry on using the BA Tier Points Calculator (there are far too many possible routes for me to produce a table!).

As I mentioned at the beginning, BA’s Tier Point calculator can be a bit wonky, and given the amount of data, I might have made some inputting errors too – if you notice anything that doesn’t look right please let me know in the comments and I’ll correct it!

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  1. Karl says

    Hi Joe,

    Thank you so much for your BA tier points calculator charts. It is so time saving indeed. Trying to work out how many points I need and to fly where to keep my Silver status for next year.

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