Two Days Only! 50% Discount on Iberia Award Flights

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It is now widely-known that one of the best possible uses of your Avios is reward flights on Iberia Airlines. But when Iberia Plus offers discounts – WOW!

I don’t have all of the details, since I can’t find anything published on the Iberia website, but you should receive a 50% discount when redeeming Avios this weekend on Iberia reward flights. (the cash amount will remain unchanged)

  • Booking Period – 6-7 May, 2023
  • Travel Period – 8 May – 30 June, 2023 and 1 September – 15 December, 2023

I believe that you will only see the discount on Iberia flights (including Iberia Express, Air Nostrum and Iberia Regional). You will NOT receive a discount on any partner reward flights – no Oneworld partners, British Airways or even Vueling or LEVEL.

All cabins, including Business Class and Premium Economy, are included in this promotion.

Bottom Line

Time to get booking!

Since Iberia Plus has a reasonable 25 euro award cancellation fee, there’s no excuse for not making a speculative booking or two this weekend.  There is no disadvantage to booking one-way flights (apart from the extra cancellation fees) if you want to maintain maximum flexibility.

Let us know in the comments section if you manage to book something fantastic…


    • Craig Sowerby says

      Yes. I can see the discounts fine for the eligible dates. My IB+ account is attached to a Spain postal address though.

      • Andrew M says

        My address is also in Spain (for just these occasions!). I’m getting 50,000 points for a one way MAD-SCL in business, off peak. Is that correct?

        • Craig Sowerby says

          Are you within the promo’s date range? I get a SCL-MAD one way for 25,500 Avios on an off-peak date in October in Business…

          • Andrew M says

            Nope, I can’t get it to work. My address is in Spain, country set to Spain and language Spanish but I get full price on every date within the promo period. I wonder if it’s account specific or if I actually need the miles in my account for it to work. I might transfer some Avios over from BA later and check again.

          • Craig Sowerby says

            It could be that. You see full price listed at first when you are shown the various cabins, but only when you click through do you see the reduced prices. If you don’t have any Avios in your account you might not see those reduced prices.

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