Save 10% on All Iberia Flights This Week

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Every once in awhile, Iberia sells gift cards at a discount. The latest iteration of this promotion will run until 2 July, 2023. This version is very simple – you will receive a 10% discount on all denominations of gift card.

You can buy gift cards denominated in British pounds, euros or US dollars. You simply have to set your Iberia country settings to your preferred location. It doesn’t really matter which currency you choose though. You can pay for a flight leaving the UK with a gift card denominated in euros and the exchange rate won’t be a rip off…

You can easily find the gift card page by clicking on the “Travel” tab on the main Iberia webpage.


How can I spend my gift card?

It is very easy to apply a gift card when purchasing a flight. On the payment page, you should see a box that looks like this:


You are only allowed to spend one gift card / voucher per transaction. However, Iberia makes it easy to merge two or more gift cards into one. (although you will end up with the expiry date of the one nearest expiration)

If you spend less than the value of your voucher, you will immediately receive a new voucher for the balance.

HOWEVER, you can only use the gift card on flights OPERATED by Iberia, Iberia Express and Air Nostrum. Codeshare flights – including those on British Airways, Vueling, etc. with an IB flight code – are specifically excluded.

In addition, you CANNOT use your gift card to pay the taxes and surcharges on an award flight, EVEN if you are booking an Iberia reward flight via the Iberia Plus website.

And finally, the gift card will EXPIRE exactly ONE YEAR after purchase. You must actually FLY within that year.

Buy a gift card to spend immediately

This promotion came perfectly timed for me, as I needed to book a few Iberia flights. As a result, I received a 10% discount on all of them by…

  1. Pricing up the flight I wanted to book
  2. Circling back to buy a gift card for the exact amount needed
  3. Completing my flight purchase using the brand new gift card that had arrived immediately to my inbox

Worth it?

One year can come around quite fast – I had a few euros due to expire in late July from a 2022 gift card purchase. So I wouldn’t make a large speculative purchase of Iberia gift cards.

But this discount is also free money for those readers who regularly fly on Iberia Airlines, especially if you are buying a gift card in order to redeem it 5 minutes later…

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