Norwegian Reward Is Relaunching – Check Out The New Benefits…

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Norwegian Airlines’ Reward programme is set to undergo some changes this spring that will bring new benefits to its members. Some of the precise details are still a little light, but we thought we’d share what we know so far.

The rise and fall (and rise again?) of Norwegian

Norwegian initially expanded rapidly with a large fleet of Boeing 737s and later added dozens of Boeing 787 Dreamliners for long haul routes. Despite the growth, commercial success was hard to come by.

The airline attempted to prioritise profitability from 2018, leading to the closure of some European stations. The grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX and the pandemic further impacted the company, resulting in reduced operations and the return of most of its fleet to leasing companies. Long haul routes were dropped completely.

Today, Norwegian is focusing on European flights and currently serves 58 destinations, including Edinburgh, Manchester and London Gatwick.

Boeing 737 Cabin from Norwegian (Source: Norwegian)

What will the renewed Norwegian Reward look like?

The essence of the programme remains the earning of so-called CashPoints. For every £1 spent with Norwegian (and partners) members receive a number of CashPoints. These can be used to purchase airline tickets or onboard.

In addition, members will receive a reward after every eighth flight taken within 12 months. The first benefit will always be 2% extra CashPoints on all Norwegian flight tickets.

After the next eight flights, members can choose from free checked baggage, seat reservations, Fast Track, an additional 2% CashPoints, or claim an overhead cabin bag as their next benefit.

Members with 32 flights or more will have access to all benefits in the Reward programme and can look forward to some brand new, additional perks too. These include things like free coffee and tea on board flights with catering, Priority Boarding, no expiry date on CashPoints and priority customer service.

Image source: Norwegian

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