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Ryanair has plenty of detractors (and some of the criticism is certainly deserved), but for short flights to Europe from regional airports it gets the job done and some customer-friendly changes have been slowly creeping in.

Ryanair interior

Sure, it’s never going to be Singapore Airlines ‘Suites Class’, and if you want to sip Dom Perignon you’ll have to bring your own – but Ryanair has a great route network, slights are usually on time, and are often really cheap.

Singapore Airlines
Not this.

Flights for under £10.00 are commonplace, and not just to Dublin. The fact that I can fly one-way to Corfu from my local airport for £9.99 is incredible.

ryanair lba

But we can do even better!

Sign up to myRyanair before the end of Friday (9th September) you will get £10.00 off your next Ryanair flight, so long as you book by 21st September and travel between Oct 1st – Dec 18th or Jan 10th – Jan 31st. 

If your flight is less than £10.00 you will still have to pay a penny for the transaction to go through, but I think we can all agree that 1p for a flight isn’t bad – even if it is Ryanair!

ryanair new interior

Terms and Conditions

Any NEW customer signing up to myRyanair and completing a full profile between Sept  7th – 9th inclusive will be entitled to a £10 travel credit off their next Ryanair flight departing Oct 1st – Dec 18th and Jan 10th – Jan 31st 

Flight bookings must be made between Sept 7th – Sept 21st 

A full profile for this purpose includes the customer’s full name, date of birth, nationality, mobile phone number, email address, passport  details, and payment card details. 

The £10 travel credit must be redeemed against a Ryanair flight departing after Sept 2016 or the travel credit will be forfeited with no right to reimbursement or exchange.

No partial redemption is allowed. If the flight costs less than £10, the unredeemed amount will be forfeited, with no exchange or refund available. 

You will forfeit your unused £10 travel credit upon deletion of your myRyanair account. 

The £10 travel credit can only be redeemed against the total price of a Ryanair flight booked on Ryanair.com when the customer is logged into the myRyanair account. The total flight price includes the fare and any applicable taxes and charges. It does not include any ancillary third-party products and services purchased during the booking process, such as hotel bookings, parking, car hire or airport transfer. 

The £10 travel credit may be used against all class of travel (including Leisure Plus, Business Plus and Family Extra), on any routes.

The offer is valid for bookings made between Sept 7th-Sept 21st. 

Travel is to be made between Oct 1st-Dec 18th and Jan 10th- 31st The €10 travel credit may not be used against a flight booking to which Spanish resident and / or large family discounts apply. 

The £10 travel credit will appear and is redeemable in the ‘Redeem a Voucher / Reward Section’ on the payment page of Ryanair’s booking process. 

The £10 travel credit is non-transferable or refundable and there is no cash alternative, or other form of compensation. It is only valid for use by the myRyanair account owner and the account owner’s name must be the first one entered during the flight booking process. Ryanair will refuse travel credit to any customers who already availed of their £10 travel credit under a different name.

Ryanair at it’s sole discretion, reserves the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the myRyanair Sign-Up Reward and/or alter the myRyanair Sign-Up Reward terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

Ryanair or its servants and agents shall not be liable, in contract or tort (including negligence), or the breach of statutory duty or any other way, for any loss or damage howsoever suffered directly or indirectly by any person participating in the myRyanair Sign-Up Reward. Nothing in these terms shall limit Ryanair’s liability for fraud.

Ryanair is not responsible for any problems or technical malfunctions of any communications network, online system or computer hardware or software failure that may affect Ryanair’s operation of the myRyanair Sign-Up Reward or the Ryanair site, including without limitation the accuracy of any myRyanair Sign-Up Reward material.

Ryanair’s General Terms and Conditions of Carriage shall apply to all flight bookings.

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