Ryanair Cuts Bag Fees By Up To 50% (Seriously!)

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It looks like Ryanair might be genuinely committed to their “Always Getting Better” programme  (which I think most people thought was a rather cruel joke when first announced!).

The latest improvement is a reduction in checked bag fees for 92% of passengers, with immediate effect – and no, they’re not increasing fees for the other 8% (I double checked…).

As you can see below, “customers on domestic flights under 2 hours will have their bag fees cut by 50%, while customers on all other flights under 3 hours will enjoy savings of up to 17%. Customers on flights over 3 hours will see no change to their checked bag fees”:


It may come as a surprise to some readers, but I’m actually a big fan of most of the low cost carriers (for short flights!).

Living outside of London, British Airways just isn’t usually a sensible option for me – and even without the mooted cutbacks to service at BA, the difference isn’t all that significant anyway.

I tend to stick with hand luggage on short-haul trips so the changes won’t affect me much personally, but the direction of travel from Ryanair in recent years has been positive and I hope it continues.

Is Ryanair really “Always Getting Better”?


  1. Andrew H says

    This is good news for fans of positioning. Particularly if starting in Dublin. Just 15 euros for a bag between Manchester and Dublin for example.

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