June Lufthansa “Mileage Bargains” – half price long-haul Business Class

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We have previously flagged Lufthansa’s good value monthly “Mileage Bargains” offer, which let’s you redeem your Lufthansa Miles&More loyalty miles at around half the usual rates, and sometimes better than that.

lufthansa business class review

The key value with Lufthansa’s Mileage Bargains is in the Lufthansa Business Class redemptions. While you will have to pay a fairly hefty tax/fee supplement, you will get great value for your miles – making the overall flight cost (in both miles and cash) good value.

Mileage Bargains also offer an extended range of Economy Class options, but given the taxes and fees, even at the heavily reduced mileage rates you will struggle to get good value. My general view is that pretty much the only way to get genuinely good value for redemption of Miles&More miles is via Business Class redemptions via Mileage Bargains or Fly Smart.

June’s options are now available, and while the options are distinctly limited this month, there’s a couple of tempting Far Eastern opportunities in Seoul and Osaka.


The full range of long haul Lufthansa Business Class options from the UK this month are:

  • Brussels for 20,000 miles instead of 45,000
  • Abuja for 55,000 miles instead of 105,000
  • Lagos for 55,000 miles instead of 105,000
  • Luanda for 55,000 miles instead of 105,000
  • Seoul for 70,000 miles instead of 135,000
  • Osaka for 70,000 miles instead of 135,000
  • Shenyang for 70,000 miles instead of 135,000

Lufthansa Business Class is not a bad product at all. While not up there (in my view at least) with the Etihads, Qatars and Singapore Airlines, it’s still pleasant and efficiently run. You can read our full review of it here.


As noted above, Mileage Bargains are a great use of your Miles&More miles, given the notoriously heavy taxes Lufthansa imposes on its reward flights: when you’re using half the miles you would otherwise expect to use, these charges do not obliterate the value of the reward ticket.

You can read our comprehensive guide to booking Mileage Bargains, here.

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