Avios Tie-Up Leads To A Shocking InsideFlyer U-Turn

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I confess to writing this post while simultaneously hanging my head in shame.

The starting point here is this post from Miles Hunt back in 2017, in which he berates Nectar’s announcement of a tie-up with the Daily Mail, and the opportunity for Daily Mail readers to earn a few quick and easy Nectar points.

nectar daily mail

While I admire Miles for taking a stand against, in his angry but arguably very considered words, “everyone’s favourite intolerant rag, the Daily Mail“, Miles wrote his post unaware of the beauty of the Nectar/Avios tie-up. Yes Miles, Nectar points are now so in demand that we’ve abandoned all moral direction when it comes to collecting them.

So much so in fact, that I’m going to suggest you do actually sign up to the online (and mercifully free) MyMail, as it does appear that they’ll throw a few bonus Nectar points your way from time to time.

An example

Having abandoned all dignity in my shameless Nectar points hunt, and signed myself up to MyMail, I received an email from them today as follows:

nectar daily mail

150 Nectar points is worth around 75p (or 94 Avios). Given that the Daily Mail costs 70p in the week (£1 on Saturday and £1.80 on Sunday), I am not going to rush out to buy 3 copies for 165 Nectar points (150 plus 3 x 5 Nectar points for the purchases – which converts to 103 Avios). However, I do know a Daily Mail reader or two, so I might make the effort to nab three codes from them over the next few days.

Loss of all moral superiority in return for 103 Avios? Sounds like a reasonable trade to me.

daily mail nectar

Equally importantly, the statement “Don’t forget to keep an eye out for more bonus Nectar points offers in your inbox from MyMail” has got me interested. We’ve all seen already that the Nectar app has started to get creative in dishing out free and bonus points, including yesterday’s random free award.

I therefore think MyMail may be a useful additional channel for boosting your Nectar (and therefore Avios) stash.

What about actually collecting Nectar points with the Daily Mail?

If you do buy, or wish to buy, the Mail on a daily basis, you’ll get 5 Nectar points in the week, 10 on Saturday and 15 on Sunday, so a total of 50 points for a week of newspapers.

The Mail prints a unique number on the back page of every copy – you then enter this number into your MyMail account each day to instantly add to your Nectar balance.

nectar daily mail

We recommend just befriending a local intolerant who doesn’t collect Nectar points, nabbing their Daily Mail code, and everyone’s happy. Yes you could also nip to the newsagent and memorise codes that way, but that does run the risk of someone genuinely missing out, so we wouldn’t encourage it.


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