Free Nectar Points Now Means Free Avios – Help Yourself To A Few!

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With our new found enthusiasm towards Nectar Points, we’ve been looking at all sorts of earning opportunities. As part of my recent research on the subject, I stumbled across a couple of ways to earn Nectar points with zero spend.

Your First 100 Free Nectar Points

An added benefit of these free earning opportunities is that one of them comes with an instant bonus of 100 Nectar points (which equates to 62.5 Avios). To benefit, simply download the Nectar notifier.

free nectar points

Then Add 500…

62.5 Avios is not, in itself, likely to get you far. However (if you’ve got a few other points knocking around), Nectar are currently offering 500 bonus Avios when you first transfer across a minimum of 1600 Nectar points (before 14 Feb). Add those together and you’ve got a haul of 562.5 free bonus Avios.

Then Another 100…

Next up, give your insurance renewal dates to Sainsbury’s, and you’ll get a further 100 free Nectar points. Again, that’s 62.5 Avios, so takes us to a neater, non-decimal-pointed 625 Avios.

And Finally, 20,000 Free Nectar Points

Ok, so this final “free” option comes with a small catch. However, sign up for the American Express Nectar card, and you’ll earn 20,000 bonus Nectar points (convertible to 12,500 Avios) when you spend £2,000 in the first three months. You’ll also get the first year’s card fee of £25 for free, and then collect 2 Nectar points for every full £1 spent on the card. 

free nectar points

So there you have it. 13,125 Avios from 20,700 Nectar points. A pretty good boost to anyone’s Avios collection!

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