KLM/Air France Flying Blue Extends Elite Status Until End Of 2021

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The Air France/KLM loyalty programme, Flying Blue, has decided to extend the validity of elite status in 2021. This measure applies to members with an end date of the regular qualification period between now and December 2021.

Flying Blue status

Last year, all Silver, Gold and Platinum members retained their status. The qualification period was then extended by 12 months. As the current year looks far from positive in terms of travel so far, the extension will continue for participants with a qualification period between now and December 2021.

So, this is good news for Silver, Gold or Platinum members of the Flying Blue programme – your status will be automatically extended by 12 months this year.

How does this extension of status work?

As usual, the required XP will be deducted on the end date of your qualification period. For Silver the number of XP is 100, Gold 180XP, and Platinum 300XP. As in the past year, Flying Blue will credit any missing XP prior to the debit. After this, the XP required to maintain your status will be deducted.

For example: You are currently a Silver member and have 75XP. Your qualification period ends April 2021. So you will still miss 25XP to maintain your Silver status. Flying Blue will credit the 25 missing XP to your account, after which 100XP will be debited to maintain the Silver status of your account.

Are you a Gold member of Flying Blue with a qualification period April 2021 and do you have 220XP? Then Flying Blue will deduct the 180XP required to maintain the Gold status. For the new qualification period you start with 40XP.Flying Blue Promo Awards March 2018

Platinum (for life)

There is also good news for the Flying Blue Platinum members. This qualification period also counts towards Platinum for Life status. If you do not fly the current period, whatever the reason, your status will be retained and you will have one year added on the Platinum for Life counter.

For example: You have been a Platinum member for 8 consecutive years and the current qualification period ends December 31, 2021. With the new extension of Flying Blue you will maintain your level. On January 1, 2022 you begin 9 consecutive years of Platinum.

Bottom line

The Flying Blue status of members with a qualification period from today to December 2021, will be extended by 12 months. Suppose you are now a Silver member and your period ends April 2021, then from May 2021 you will again have a Silver status for 12 months.

For Platinum members, this qualification period also counts towards achieving the Platinum for Life level.

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