Free Nectar Points (We Think) For All!

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We have focused heavily on the joys of the Nectar/Avios partnership, and certainly it’s led to a new-found enthusiasm at InsideFlyer for all things Nectar.

I recently looked at ways to load up on a few free Nectar points. Well Nectar have made that even easier today, offering a seemingly random number of points to people just for opening the app and clicking on a couple of links.

In my case I got 250, but others have reported receiving as many as 2000 free Nectar points.

free nectar points

Is this being offered to everyone?

It seems so. If you open the app and it is not offered to you, it seems that updating the Nectar app at the app store will do the trick. Failing that, deleting and then reinstalling the app should get you the offer.

I wasn’t offered it until I went through the re-installation. It’s a slight hassle as you need to enter your card number and password again, but certainly worth it for a potentially generous chunk of points.

Don’t forget, Nectar points convert to Avios at a rate of 1 Nectar point to 0.625 Avios.


    • cinereus says

      It’s literally called “Nectar” -

  1. Craig Sowerby says

    1,000 here, by completely uninstalling and reinstalling.

    Thanks for the tip – I thought I would miss out…

    Of course that 1,000 takes me over the 1,600 that I needed last week for the 500 Avios bonus. 🙁

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