Nectar’s staggering PR own goal

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We have long professed ourselves to be fans of the Nectar scheme here on InsideFlyer UK. While the 0.5p per point value is fairly rigid and not generally “gameable”, the scheme still offers value in itself and is increasingly subject to bonus offers.

However, when a particular Nectar post appeared on my Facebook news feed yesterday morning, I fully admit to spitting out my coffee.

Staggeringly, Nectar were proudly announcing that there newest partner was none other than everyone’s favourite intolerant rag, the Daily Mail:

nectar daily mail

Now I am no PR guru, but what were they thinking? Was it not hugely obvious to pretty much anyone with a passing resemblance for brain cells at Nectar HQ that this announcement would go down appallingly? Not only that, but announcing it via a heavy social media push. I mean come on.

Unsurprisingly, the Facebook post has been subject to a barrage of abuse and negative comments.

nectar daily mail

Frankly, you’d have thought they would have learned a lesson from Lego’s experience.

Read the Daily Mail? Earn some Nectar points… 🙂

Although you might just be able to sense a minor bias in my writing, we’re not a political movement here at InsideFlyer, and we’re actually dedicated to helping you earn you as many loyalty points as you can.

So, Daily Mail reader? Click here to find out how you can earn 80 points a week with Nectar.


  1. Helen says

    My Nectar card has been cut into pieces and my relationship with Sainsbury’s and BP has come to an end. I suspect I will not be alone in doing this. I’m not willing to be part of anything that promotes hate like the Daily Fail.

  2. NB says

    Goodness me. It seems you have found a rich seam of intolerance greater than anything the Mail offers. Haven’t looked at the rag for years, but this sort of reaction from the left and hard left suggests that there must be something in it nowadays.

    • Miles Hunt says

      I kind of take your point. If Will Self can benefit from loyalty programmes, why shouldn’t Nigel Farage?

      That said, the Mail has been so odious of late that it sort of deserves a general shunning by the rational business community… I’d argue.

  3. Belinda Smith says

    I am a life long Daily Mail reader and object to my points now going to Nectar as I do not shop there and I want the freedom to chose where to spend my points, not be told . Love or hate The Mail, it’s readers do not deserve to be told where to spend their points. I’m going to stop buying The Mail because of Nectar.

  4. Lester says

    Where was all the outrage when the Daily Fail teamed up with Marks and Spencer, Waitrose, Tesco, Pizza Express, John Lewis, Debenhams, Boots and Argos.

    If you don’t like them, don’t take part.

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