Get a 50% Bonus When Converting Heathrow Rewards Points to Avios

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It might seem like an odd time – with almost nobody travelling to/from London’s Heathrow airport – but Heathrow Rewards and British Airways Executive Club have launched a conversion bonus. Between now and 2 June, 2020, you will receive 50% additional Avios when converting your Heathrow Rewards points.

The offer only applies to British Airways Executive Club, not any of Heathrow Rewards’ other airline partners (including Aer Lingus). You should be able to easily find the bonus on the ‘Transfers’ page of the Heathrow Rewards website after you have logged in.

Heathrow Rewards gives you 1 point for every £1 spent at the airport. If you have a substantial balance, you either spend too much money in the duty free shops or you have taken advantage of the travel hacks I outlined last year. 🙂

Conversions to airline miles are done in multiples of 250 points.

Does it Make Sense?

Heathrow Rewards points are worth 1p, which is what you receive when spending them on airport shopping vouchers, Heathrow Express tickets, etc.

So if you are receiving 1.5 Avios per Heathrow point, you’d essentially be paying 0.66p per Avios.

This is a decent deal. Assuming that you are confident in the ultimate survival of British Airways, you will rarely find a cheaper method of buying Avios.

If you are relatively Avios-rich, however, you might want to hang on to your Heathrow points and wait for a conversion bonus from a different airline partner, such as:

  • Cathay Pacific Asia Miles
  • Virgin Atlantic Flying Club
  • Aegean Miles & Bonus
  • Lufthansa Miles & More
  • Singapore Airlines Krisflyer
  • Emirates Skywards

Heathrow Rewards points only expire if you haven’t earned any points during the last three years, so hopefully you aren’t faced with an imminent expiry.

The Bottom Line

If you have been accumulating Heathrow Rewards points with an eye towards an Avios conversion bonus, now’s your opportunity!

However, other airlines might eventually be tempted into offering their own bonus, if only to gain some cash revenue when Heathrow pays them for those miles – so you might want to wait awhile longer…

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