A 3-Step Travel Hack to Earn Nearly 15,000 Asia Miles

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Recently Joe wrote an excellent series of articles about Cathay Pacific’s Asia Miles. The quick summary is that open-jaw reward flights to Hong Kong are essentially priced as an “ultra long” one-way.

This travel hack excites many InsideFlyer UK readers because Asia Miles is a transfer partner of American Express in the UK. But nonetheless, you might not have 85,000 Membership Rewards points to spare, and you need some more Asia Miles. In November, you should be able to combine three separate promotions and earn approximately 15,000 Asia Miles.

Step 1 – Sign Up for Heathrow Rewards

If you sign up for Heathrow Rewards – click here to be taken to the Virgin Atlantic partner offers page, and from there to the sign-up page for Heathrow Rewards – and spend £150 in a single day, you will earn 3,000 bonus points.

Combined with the 100 free points you receive when opening an account, plus the 150 points you will earn when spending £150, you should end up with at least 3,250 Heathrow Rewards points.

Step 2 – Rocketmiles

A few weeks ago, I wrote about an opportunity to earn a minimum of 6,000 miles from American Airlines or Alaska Airlines with a single hotel night booked via Rocketmiles. Click here to re-read that post.

Or you can click here to jump straight to the appropriate Rocketmiles page.

One of the many 5,000 bonus point partners is Heathrow Rewards. Either book a hotel stay that you actually require, or search around Southeast Asia for a particularly cheap hotel offering the 5,000 point bonus. (selected hotels only, probably with a minimum spend applying behind the scenes)

Since you will earn at least 1,000 base points from a Rocketmiles booking, you can easily pick up 6,000+ Heathrow Rewards points.

Step 3 – Take Advantage of the 50% Conversion Bonus from Heathrow Rewards to Asia Miles

Between now and 18 November, 2019, Heathrow Rewards is offering a 50% conversion bonus when you convert your HR points into Asia Miles.

You can find the full details by clicking here (requires logging in to your Heathrow Rewards account)


I recognise that you probably won’t be able to complete steps 1 and 2 in time to have 9,250+ points in your account before the Asia Miles conversion bonus expires.

But I thought it would be interesting to point out how one can combine overlapping promotions to end up with a meaningful number of airline miles. Now that Heathrow Rewards appears to be offering conversion bonuses again, you might want to be poised and ready with a nice points balance…

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