Check Out the New Norwegian Reward Family Account – Pool Points With Whoever You Like!

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I’ve been impressed with Norwegian’s long-haul growth (and cheap fares!) over the last couple of years and it looks like the airline is now seeking to innovate in other areas too, with the the introduction of a new Norwegian Reward Family Account for pooling Points.

What’s the point of the Norwegian Reward Family Account?

  • Makes it easier to collect CashPoints for all family members.
  • The family’s total CashPoints earnings are available when you book flights, as all family members CashPoints are pooled into one account.
  • Easily track how many CashPoints your family has earned in total.
  • Choose which family members who can redeem the Family Account CashPoints.

How does it work?

Simply invite your family (or friends!) to join the Family Account from your Reward profile. If any of your family members are not yet members, they can sign up during the invitation process. When your family members have accepted your invitation, your Norwegian Reward Family Account is active and you will start earning CashPoints together.

You can have a maximum of 7 people in a Family Account, and although it’s called a family account, the terms are clear that you invite and pool Points with whoever you like – not just family members.

Things to note:

  • Your CashPoints will be transferred from your personal account to the Family Account.
  • The transfer of CashPoints is non-refundable and irreversible after joining the Family Account.
  • You accept being a part of the Family Account for at least three (3) months.
  • The Head of Family Account may grant or revoke your access to spend CashPoints.
  • If you choose to leave a Family Account, your earned CashPoints will remain within the Family Account.

You can have a read of the FAQs on the Norwegian website here and the full Terms and Conditions can be found here.

Bottom line

Norwegian Reward is very simple loyalty programme, in that Points have a fixed cash value, and there is no minimum redemption level.

Being able to pool Points in one account makes it a lot easier for casual flyers to get value from the programme, rather than having small balances go to waste.

Anything that adds flexibility and makes it easier to redeem Points/Miles is good in my view, so I think think the introduction of the Norwegian Reward Family Account is a very welcome development. I look forward to seeing what else they’ve got planned!


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