Half Price Avios Redemptions… From Birmingham

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London… oops…  British Airways is much maligned for its lack of routes departing anywhere other than London. But there are a few, mostly using aircraft that are unable to operate during the weekend closing of London City airport.

Perhaps BA are trying to promote some new routes or advance bookings aren’t doing well, but they are running a 50%-off promotion when using Avios on reward flights to/from Birmingham. Rewards must be booked before 30 June, 2017 to qualify for the discount. Note that the discount applies to the Avios requirement, not the £35 / £50 cash payment that goes along with Reward Flight Saver.

Of course, Birmingham only has a handful of BA destinations to offer. These are:

  • Ibiza / Palma de Mallorca: until 30 September 2017
  • Malaga: until 28 October 2017
  • Florence: until 25 November 2017

All of these destinations fall into Band 2, which means that they will cost:

  • Euro Traveller: 7,500 Avios on peak dates / 6,500 Avios off-peak dates,
  • Club Europe: 15,000 Avios peak / 12,750 Avios off-peak

(I suspect that most of these Birmingham flights will fall on a peak date – you can find the calendar by clicking here)

If you live in the Midlands, both these summer routes and this promotion can be an attractive alternative to driving down to Heathrow to catch a flight. For the rest of us, I’m looking forward to the next bonus Avios offer to make up for last weekend’s IT nightmare…

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  1. James says

    Got excited then saw the destinations 🙁

    I was thinking half price Thailand, Mexico, Cairo.

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