How to Get 65% in Value Back From a £100 Hilton Stay (Last Chance!)

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We posted quite a bit late last year about how to stack Hilton offers to get great value back from your stays. I thought I would post a quick reminder, as now is the last chance to take advantage really, given that most of the offers end on 31st January 2017.

hilton hhonors

I’m not going to rehash the details of each individual offer again – just have a read of the original articles (click the links below) as all the information is still valid.

Recapping the deals

Triple points – triple base points for booking through the Hilton app (need to register)

5,000 bonus points on every stay – book through the app and pay with a Visa card (need to register)


£20 Amex rebate off £100+ spend at UK Hilton hotels – full list of participating hotels here. Note that you can pay at least £100 using an Amex card to trigger the £20 credit, and then just put £1.00+ (or any incidental spend on breakfast, drinks etc at the hotel) on your Visa card to still trigger the 5,000 bonus Points (need to register). You can only receive this credit once per card.

500 American Airlines AAdvantage Miles per stay (link is to a post by our Dutch colleagues and friends – just use Google translate if you want to read the details); register here. Note that you need to set your earning preference to ‘Points + Miles’ and link your Hilton and AA accounts.

Crunching the numbers:

I value Hilton Points at ~0.4p each and am going to use a theoretical 1-night £100 booking, as it’s a nice round number and a fairly typical price for UK Hilton hotels.

Hilton HHonors calculates base Points at a rate of 10 Points per $1 USD. At current exchange rates, a £100 stay would therefore earn ~1,200 base Points. The triple Points promotion means we can triple that to 3,600 Points as a start.

Hampton by Hilton Liverpool Airport – just 10,000 Points per night

Then we can add the 5,000 Visa bonus points, so 8600 Points – which I value at about £34.00.

Next we can add the £20 Amex statement credit, so we’ve got £54.00 in value back.

Miles are difficult to put a value on, but 1p per AA Mile is a reasonable figure. 500 Miles therefore = £5, and we’ve got back £59 in value from our £100 stay!

Diamond benefits:

Hilton was very generous matching elite status with other hotel chains last year, so many readers will have Diamond status and can sweeten the deal even further.

Hilton Diamond 2

Diamond members earn a 50% Points bonus (calculated from the base Points) – so another 600. They also get 1,000 Bonus Points per stay (less at Hampton and Garden Inn).

The total Points earned would therefore be 10,200, which I value at ~ £40.80.

Add the £20 statement credit and the 500 AA Miles, and the total is over £65 in value back on a £100 stay! 

You may value things differently of course, but there’s no denying that by stacking deals you can get a genuinely superb rebate!

Bottom line

Hilton’s promotions over the last few month have been extremely generous. Let’s hope we see some similar promotions again soon – in the meantime, make the most of it while you can!


    • Craig Sowerby says

      Why not? Read the blog post I linked to above. It explains “Double Dip” and how triple points only applies to base points and airline promotions apply to the optional element of miles (vs. 5 more points)

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