Central London Hilton Nights At £38.56 (Including A Beer)

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We have written so much recently about the value you can get by stacking Hilton hotel deals that I noted with a wry smile yet another discount had emerged – £20 off a £100 spend on your Amex card, at certain UK Hiltons.

hilton bonus points

The remarkable thing about this additional Hilton deal is it now lets you stack FOUR concurrent Hilton offers, as follows:

The upshot of this is that you can use the sale rates, money off and Hilton points bonuses to get you some seriously low cost Hilton stays before 31 January next year. The precise saving will depend on the hotel in question, of course, but I suggest you use my example booking below to ensure you maximise your value/lower your price as far as you can:

The example hotel: Hilton London Olympia

hilton bonus points

The price: £100 per night (B&B) in the Winter Sale

hilton bonus points

The steps required:

  1. Register for the Hilton bonus points promo, and book this rate via the Hilton app to get triple points
  2. Register for the Amex £20 promo, and book the room with your registered Amex card to get £20 back on the £100 spend
  3. Register for the Visa 5k points promo, and order an additional item to be charged to your room. In the example points calculation below, we’ve factored in a £5 incidental spend, which should just about cover a beer.
  4. At checkout, if you haven’t paid the room in advance already with your Amex, ensure that i) you pay the £100 for your room on your Amex and ii) you pay the £5 (or so) incidental spend on your Visa card. This will trigger the 5k points bonus.

The “discount reconciliation”:

So, there we have it. You’ve registered for all the promotions, how does this £100 room and £5 beer become £46.50?

The points rebate

First up, let’s take the points rebate. A £105 spend amounts to $132, so via the Hilton bonus points (triple points) offer, if you have no status at all with Hilton. So, you’ll be getting 4620 HHonors points (per the Hilton points calculator).

hilton bonus points

Remember to triple those base points, and of course you’ll get more points (and more rebate) if you have status with Hilton: you can calculate yourself by adding in your status, and don’t forget to add a further 1000 points if you’re Diamond as one of the “MyWay” benefits. As a Diamond, you’d get 6280 points for this stay.

Add that to the 5K Visa bonus, and that’s 9620 HHonors points for the stay. I value HHonors points at 0.4p each, so that’s a £38.48 rebate.

The cash rebate

As well as getting a £134 room for £100 in the Winter Sale, the Amex offer will get you £20 off the £100 paid for the room.

The final analysis

All told, you’ve received a £134 room and £5 beer. You’ve paid £105 (£100 + £5 beer) but you’ll get £20 back, plus the £38.48 in points. That’s a net outlay of £46.52. Well done – that is an excellent value hotel stay.

Note that as a Diamond member, the points rebate would be worth £45.12, so the net stay cost (including the £5 beer spend) would be £39.88!

Anything else?

There is one final aside to this. Per Joe’s post here, you can forego your Hilton bonus points of 5 per $1 (which are not tripled) which you get via the “Points and Points” earning method and instead select “Points and Miles”. If you do this and register here, you’ll not only earn triple base points at Hilton, but rather than the bonus 5 HHonors points per $1, you’ll earn 3 Avios. Given that I value Avios at 1 pence each, that’s actually more than the 2 pence I’d value the 5 bonus Hilton points at.

So let’s put this into the value calculator…

Amount paid

Room cost (with beer): £105

Less £20 off room = £85

Points/miles rebate

HHonors points earned: 1320 x 3 = 3960 + 5000 Visa bonus. Value = £35.84

(As a Diamond member 1320 x 3 + 1000 + 660 + 5000. Value = £42.48)

Avios earned: 132 (US Dollar cost of room) x 3 = 396. Value = £3.96

So the room’s effective total cost here is £45.20 (or £38.56 if you’re an HHonors Diamond member).

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