Get 50%+ Back From Hilton Stays By Stacking Promotions

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Hilton is absolutely spoiling us with stackable promotions at the moment, and currently offers by far the best Points return for your spend out of all the major hotel chains.


There are two overlapping (excellent) promotions, triple Points and 5,000 Points per stay when paying with a Visa.

You need to register for both offers (triple Points registration page, 5,000 Points registration page, book through the Hilton app and pay with any Visa card (including debit).

Triple Points runs until the end of the year and the 5,000 bonus offer runs until 31st January 2017.

Hilton certainly got my attention with these promotions and as a Diamond member (from a status match) it got me wondering just how many Points I would earn.

The numbers:

My travels usually include a lot of short 1-night stays and I’m pretty cheap (even if Hilton’s aren’t always!) so for the sake of simplicity let’s use the example of a 1-night stay costing $100 (£80.00) – I’d probably stay somewhere else if it was more and $100 is a nice round number.

  • The base earning rate with Hilton is 10 Points per $1.00. A $100 stay would therefore normally earn 1,000 Hilton HHonors Points. Triple Points means 3x base Points though, so 3,000.
  • Add another 5 Points per $1.00 for selecting ‘Points & Points’ rather than ‘Points & Miles’ =  500.
  • 50% Diamond bonus on base Points = 500.
  • Diamond welcome bonus is 1,000.
  • Visa bonus = 5,000

Add all that up, and a Diamond member would earn 10,000 Hilton HHonors Points for a 1-night $100 (£80) stay. Even without any status you would earn 8,500 Points!

I value Hilton Points at 0.4p each (which is admittedly on the high side, but I only usually use HHonors Points at Category 1-2 hotels so get that much value easily), which means I would earn £40 worth of Points back on the £80 spent – that’s 50% in value back!

If you happen to be staying in a cheap part of the world or get a great deal, the maths works out even better.

A Diamond member paying $50 (£40) for a one-night stay, for example, would earn 8,000 Points – worth £32.00 to me. That’s 80% in value back!

Bottom line

Hilton has really raised their game with these promotions and if you’ve got some short/cheap stays coming up, you can do exceptionally well out of them.

I’ve got a little trick in my next post to get even more value – so keep an eye out for that!

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