Hilton changes its status match offer – and how to benefit

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For some time now, Hilton has been offering a generous status match, with elite tiers in other hotel loyalty programmes being matched to Hilton Silver, Gold and even Diamond.

hilton status match

We have even shown you a way to get to Diamond with one stay at a Best Western hotel!

While the good news is that the status match offer remains, the bad news is that it now comes with a catch.If you meet the Hilton status match requirements, your status will be matched to Gold or Diamond (Silver is not available). However, the initial match will now only last 90 days. If you want the status match to continue beyond these 90 days (i.e. to the end of March 2018, which seems a long time but is the standard duration for Hilton HHonors status), then you will need to stay in a Hilton Group property the following number of times:

  • To maintain Gold, 4 times in the 90 days
  • To maintain Diamond, 8 times in the 90 days

How do I secure this status?

While the stay requirement for Diamond might seem fairly onerous, it is definitely doable. Don’t forget that Hilton rewards stays (i.e. stays made using points, or cash and points) will count here. As such, you can for example make use of the delightfully good value Hilton Category 1 and 2 hotels (5K/10K points a night) if you want a low cost stay.

There’s now only one Category 1 left in the UK, the Hampton by Hilton Newport East, but there’s still a few decent Category 2s:

As such, the “steps to status” are as follows:

  • Get your matchable status if you don’t have it already
  • If you have a haul of Hilton HHonors points, try using them to good effect to stay at Category 1/2 hotels
  • If you don’t have any Hilton Points, you can always transfer American Express Membership Rewards Points (1000 MR Points = 2,000 HHonors Points), or (slightly more circuitously) from Tesco Clubcard to Virgin Flying Club to Hilton HHonors at an effective rate of 1 Clubcard Point to 3.75 Hilton Points.
  • Failing that, note that even where you’re simply paying cash, the 8 stays don’t have to be at Waldorf Astorias – you can stay in Hampton Inn’s and this will count towards these 8 stays in exactly the same way.

Anything to add?

Note that if you are gunning for Gold, rather than Diamond, status, you are probably better off simply doing this status challenge, which offers Gold with just 3 stays in 90 days.



    • Andrew H says

      Hilton are really making it tough to get those statuses. If they think too many people have it, I’m surprised they haven’t canned status matching altogether!

  1. Adam says

    So even the BW route inc paying for a nights stay will now only secure a status match for 90 days. You can get HH gold automatically if you applied for an Amex Platinum, does that route now still require proof of four stays to retain status longer than 90 x days.
    Do you think all the instant silver, gold employment links still work after this latest tightening up exercise by HH?

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