Free SPG Starpoints With New Promo Game!

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Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG), the loyalty programme for Starwood hotels (Sheraton, Westin, St. Regis, ALoft etc) has just launched a new promotional game that offers the chance to bag some free SPG Starpoints!

starwood preferred guest

For me, Starpoints are by far the most valuable Points/Miles ‘currency’ that you can collect, so free Points is fantastic!

Whether you use them for Category 1 + 2 hotel stays (just 2,000-4,000 Points), transferring to airline frequent flyer schemes that have great award chart sweet spots but are otherwise hard to collect Miles in (like Alaska Virgin America), or take advantage of some of the more advanced possibilities like ‘Nights and Flights’, you can get massive value from Starpoints.

SPG have ran games like this in the past and I (+ quite a few readers!) have done pretty well out of them.

This time, there are 1,470 instant prizes randomly time seeded so that the person who plays first after any of those particular times wins a prize.

Instant Prizes:

  • 630 x 1000 Starpoints
  • 420 x 5,000 Starpoints
  • 210 x 10,000 Starpoints
  • 210 x Free Night Awards Category 1-5

My reading of the rules is that you can only win an instant prize once over the course of the competition, which is actually great because it makes your overall chance of winning at least something much higher. You can have a read of the the full rules / terms and conditions here yourself, if so inclined.

I didn’t win first time,  but hey – I can play every day until 12th September, so there’s still plenty of time!

spg starwood free points gme 2

There is also a ‘Grand Prize’ of 50,000 Starpoints plus five Free Night Awards (Category 1–6), that you get entered for every day you play, but I wouldn’t cross your fingers too hard for that!

Bottom line: free SPG Starpoints are great and there’s a realistic chance of winning a decent chunk (even just 1,000 isn’t to be sniffed at!), so play here.

Who is going to be InsideFlyerUK’s  first winner? – post your victories in the comments!


  1. Andrew H says

    Huzzah, been waiting for one of these since the baseball game earlier this year!

    Nothing for me first time round. Hope I didn’t use up all my luck in the baseball game.

  2. Adam says

    Read lots of posts on FT of people winning 1k & 5k points but nothing here on 2 x accs over the last two days.

  3. Joe Deeney says

    Nothing for me (or family) yet either, but I suspect (hope?) we’ll all get a prize eventually. The problem with the last competition was that you could win more than once, so some people won a lot and others got nothing, but I think this one is like the ones before that so you can only win once.

  4. GnarlyOldGoatDude says

    Looks like no-one has won anything.
    It’s obviously just a study into tenacity/stupidity.

    What are your losing approaches? I stick with Le Meridien every time.

    • Joe Deeney says

      I’ve developed a vast array of losing strategies. I thought that my ‘standing-on-one-leg-while-spinning-round-and-barking-at-my-computer-screen-at-11:27-Aloft’ approach had particular merit (artistically at least, and I would argue morally too), but I’ve heard rumours that others were rather less keen on it, sadly.

      • Andrew H says

        That only works if you spin anti-clockwise.#

        Meanwhile, IHG have just emailed me with this. Something for a future article?

        Earn points without leaving home
        Earn 1,000 bonus points for joining and completing your first survey

        Dear Andrew,

        Start earning towards the rewards you really want, without having to go anywhere at all. Sign up with our newest online survey partner, Opinion Check-In, and earn 1,000 points for completing your first survey. The more surveys you complete, the more you earn—and points are automatically deposited directly into your account. Participating in surveys allows you to share your opinion about the products and services you use every day, so you can count on your voice being heard

        • Joe Deeney says

          Foiled again! – well, there’s always tomorrow I suppose.

          Yeah, I noticed the email but didn’t clock the new survey partner which is interesting – I’ll prob put a quick post together about it this evening. Cheers!

    • Charles Sant says

      It’s interesting that such a high percentage of the early adopters won something and then the prizes faded away. Very few winners by the last page of that thread.

      • Andrew H says

        When I played the SPG baseball game earlier this year, my win was very early on. Looks like the trend continues!

  5. Andrew H says

    Someone on Flyertalk won 5000 points yesterday. It was the first time he’d selected the card that the site defaults to when the page loads. Worth a go?

  6. Andrew H says

    Nothing again. One chance left. What a disappointment this promo has been.

    At least come tomorrow I won’t have to see the sentence ‘Tomorrow could be your lucky day’ again.

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