Multiple Bonus Offers – Are You Checking Your Nectar Account?

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If you’re an Avios collector and you have not yet signed up to Nectar, you need to do so right now. It’s currently flinging bonus point options at members, and given that each Nectar point represents 0.625 Avios, Nectar really has become a solid gold “air mile” currency.

Nectar bonus points offers are sometimes universally available, and sometimes targeted. Based on the discussions I’ve had with other collectors and what’s available in my account, you will have some decent offers sat in your account, and there might just be some excellent ones…

The global offers

Firstly, you can win one of 100 prizes of 10,000 points with GWR, or one of 200 prizes of 5,000 points with SWR. Always enter these prize draws – they’re free, it takes a couple of seconds, and probability dictates you’ll win a prize eventually (unless you’re Joe).

I also recently engaged in a bit of complicated profiteering by combining the current Nectar offer of 5 X points at Argos with the Argos clearance sale.

The targeted offers

First up, a number of people have reported offers of up to 10 X points on a Sainsbury shop this weekend. If this is the case, don’t go mad but stock up if you can! That’s effectively a 5% rebate on your shop, or 6.25 Avios per pound you spend – a really worthwhile sweetener.

Miles received this tempting one in his account recently:

This is probably because he’s new to the eBay/Nectar gig, and not a cunning eBay battery reseller like certain others of us…

Crucially, make sure you are signed up to Nectar marketing and continue to check your account (the app is generally the best way to do it).

Now does appear to be a particularly generous time in the world of Nectar, and with the Avios tie-up massively enhancing the purpose and value of the scheme (indeed, of Avios too) you should ensure you are benefitting.


    • Tom Sumner says

      Fair enough but I would say that the 10 seconds it takes to enter these is worth your time. Probability dictates you’ll win something in one eventually. It’s certainly better than queuing and paying for the National Lottery anyway.

      • cinereus says

        My point was that the EV/hour was so low you’re better off doing almost anything else. Unless you value your time at £0.

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