Argos Nectar/Avios Trick, Plus Check Your Email!

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I managed to pull off a rather neat deal combo trick the other day which I thought worth sharing. Basically it left me with a profit on an Argos purchase, plus Nectar points (convertible to Avios) on the original spend at Argos.

I am not necessarily suggesting you do the same, but again I hope it’s another useful example of how you can combine various promos to boost value.

What is the trick?

First of all, you can currently get 5 Nectar points per £1 spent at Argos.

Secondly, Argos is offering an amazing deal on Duracell Plus AAA batteries (who doesn’t need AAA batteries at some point?) – you can currently buy 20 for £6.99.

You can of course buy whatever you want at Argos (it’s got a large “clearance” sale going on at the moment), but given that I was planning to resell, I thought these batteries were a great option. Even if you’re not planning to resell them, I am fairly confident you’ll find a use for good quality AAA batteries at some point – you certainly will if you have remote control-loving kids.

As you can see from the picture above, you’ll not only get 20 AAA batteries for £6.99, you’ll also get 34 Nectar points.

The resale for a profit

Without boring you with the full details, I was able to buy these battery packs at £6.99 and then resell them on eBay at £9.99.

Accordingly, for each battery pack I bought (and sold) I was making roughly £2.50 after fees and postage costs. Plus 34 Nectar points, convertible to 21 Avios.

To be honest, this was quite a labour intensive process for £2.50 plus 21 Avios a time, but it was an interesting experiment. In particular, it does show how you should look out for bonus Nectar offers as they can really add value to your everyday shopping, or on an otherwise excellent deal in its own right (£6.99 for 20 AAA batteries is superb, market-beating value, as my easy resales via eBay proved).

Why check your email?

While we are on the subject of Nectar and eBay, have a look at your email. We’ve had a number of reports of people being offered anything up to 1,000 bonus Nectar points for a £5 spend on eBay. Perhaps you could buy some batteries…


    • Tom Sumner says

      It’s an interesting question. Given that you can click through on the BA eStore and then sign in to Argos “to collect Nectar points” it technically might. I’ve also flicked through the ts and cs for both Argo/Nectar and Argos/BA and can’t see anything expressly prohibiting it.

      However, I would be amazed if the BA Avios were paid on this. The generic BA disclaimer of “Using voucher or offer codes when you make a transaction could result in you not collecting Avios or collecting less Avios than the advertised rate. This includes staff discount, student discounts and vouchers which automatically populate in your basket at checkout” is probably enough to rule it out.

      I’m no expert on the matter, but I believe the same people that would be signing off your Nectar points will need to sign off your Avios, and I doubt they will.

      Good shout though!

  1. Jenny says

    What about using topcashback (cashback or avios) – eBay – Argos (nectar points) – Amex card (reward points) (avios or virgin points)? Can anyone add any more stacks?

    • Tom Sumner says

      The problem with Topcashback for eBay is that I was a seller rather than buyer, so I’m not sure anything would apply. Good point re the additional points from the use of an Amex card on the Argos purchase though.

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