How To Earn Avios From Various Sources On One Purchase

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One of the most satisfying activities any “travel hacker” can successfully pull off is the multiple “deal stack”. It’s very easy to earn straightforward loyalty points on most transactions – generally, you just pay for an item with a points-earning credit card like the Amex Gold (or, if you want to earn Avios directly, the BA Amex).

However, it’s far better if you’re not only earning one set of loyalty points on that purchase, but also other points from a separate source (or sources). Throw in a discount or rebate on it too, and the value can really add up.

Let me give you a great example of this, which I noticed when I flagged some cashback offers on Friday.

Deal Stack Part 1

If you sign up to Topcashback, you can currently get £10 cashback on a £10 or more spend at eBay.

topcashback bonus

As a starting point, that’s a free £10.

Deal Stack Part 2

That cashback can then be converted into Avios with Topcashback, with a 5% bonus. That would give you 1050 Avios for your cashback. Therefore, you’ve got your money back, plus a 5% bonus.

Deal Stack Part 3

You also earn Nectar points on eBay purchases. This purchase will therefore earn you 10 Nectar points, too. As we have noted on various occasions of late, 1 Nectar point will get you 0.625 Avios, so that’s a further 6 Avios to add into the pot (not, I concede, a haul that will get you flying long-haul first class, but please follow the principle! If this was a £100 purchase, you’d get 100 Nectar points, or 62.5 Avios).

Deal Stack Part 4

For a bit more added value, if you pay for the eBay purchase with your Amex card, you’ll earn 10 Membership Rewards points, convertible to 10 Avios (or Avios directly, if you use the BA Amex).

Deal Stack Part 5

Ok, this is a slight stretch, but if you go to the Nectar app or this link, you should also be entered into a draw to win 100,000 Nectar points. You just need to make your purchase with eBay before 24 February.

The stack calculation

On the basis of the above, you have:

  • Netted a free £10, exchangeable for 1000 Avios
  • Added a 5% bonus, to 1050 Avios
  • Added 10 Nectar points, becoming 6 Avios, to 1056 Avios
  • Added 10 Membership Rewards Points, becoming 10 Avios (or 10 Avios directly) via your credit card, to 1066 Avios
  • Entered a draw to win 100,000 Nectar points, which converts to 62,500 Avios

So the net result is you can be sat there with a gifted 1066 Avios, simply for hunting down and combining a few fairly straightforward Avios-earning opportunities.

But 1066 Avios won’t get me far!

No it won’t. However, there will be similar opportunities in the future, often bigger than this, and we will always endeavour to flag them.

Plus, get in the habit – make sure you take advantage of deal stacks of this type in the future, and rest assured your Avios/Nectar/whatever else points totals will rocket.

Dare I say it, there’s also the very slight chance it could end up as 63,566 Avios!

Ultimately, while the deal flagged here is, in itself, good (it may not be much, but it’s basically free money or Avios) , I’ve mainly highlighted it to show how you should always consider whether there’s an extra angle to your points collection. Is paying for the purchase via Amex your only way of earning points, or is there another route you can go down to double, treble of even quadruple the points you receive? 


    • Tom Sumner says

      Thanks Mark, always appreciate the feedback.

      Re the bonus, there’s nothing planned at present, but we speak to TCB a lot and will certainly let you know as soon as anything is planned. We’ll also gently recommend it.

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