Another Opportunity To Buy Cheap IHG Rewards Club Points

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IHG Rewards Club has launched (yet another) 100% bonus sale on points. This is as good as it gets with IHG…

You have until 31st July 2020 to get the bonus.

The annual limit on purchasing points is now 250,000, which means you’d actually receive 500,000 points

Although the 100% bonus kicks in when buying a minimum of 15,000 points, you actually want to buy at least 26,000 points to get the best pricing…


IHG uses nice round numbers when selling points.  The regular price is 1 US cent (when buying at least 26,000), with the 100% bonus halving this to 0.5 cents. The USD/GBP exchange rate moves around of course – and the card you purchase with also matters – but you’d be roughly paying 0.4p per point.

You can jump to IHG’s Buy Points page by clicking here.  However, it’s a far better idea to click here and re-read Craig’s post on how to earn cashback when buying points!

Should You Buy Points?

With the demise of PointBreaks, it has become far harder to find outsized value from buying points. i.e. buying 10,000 points for $50 because a $100 per night hotel is on the PB list…  But you can generally manage to find 0.4p in value when using points, so IHG regulars should have no problems spending these points properly.

The new ‘dynamic’ pricing also currently offers some potentially good uses…

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