£5 Flights – A HUGE Number Are Currently Available

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It’s been some time since I wrote about Ryanair, a topic which always polarises opinion wonderfully.

Anyway, love them, hate them, feel indifferent towards them… the fact is that they’re currently offering an insane number of £5 flights from the UK to various destinations in June. However, you need to book by the end of today.

Clearly, any flight you do book should be done on the basis of current travel advice. However, if you can make the flights work for you, it goes without saying that a £5 flight is just about as good value as you’ll get (although you’ll be cursing me when they ping you for £50 to put your overweight hand luggage in the hold, or the fifth time they try and pimp you their “oooh it’s for charity (but actually only a tiny percentage is)” scratchcards.

Here’s the current London flight price screenshots:

From Stansted

From Luton

From Gatwick

From Southend

Ok, and from Leeds 

(Joe will be offended if I don’t cover something Northern)

Sumner’s Final Thought

Clearly, these are fantastic prices. However, these are not normal times, so please do your homework and calculations before you book any flights. You may need tests, quarantine periods etc etc. That said, these fares do all benefit from the Ryanair “Zero Change Fee”, so even the risk to your £5 outlay is minimal if you do not end up flying on your original dates.


  1. geoff davies says

    I can wait to the end of the year until i travel.europe or the eu do not excite me at all. further a field is my travel.i have to wait until then.Ryan air is a airline i would avoid like easy jet

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