Does It Make Sense To Buy Hyatt Points With A 30% Bonus?

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World of Hyatt has announced an offer of a 30% bonus when buying at least 5,000 points. This bonus will be available until June 25th, 2021.

With the bonus, you would be buying Hyatt points for ~1.31p (1.85 cents) each.

Does It Make Sense?

This 30% bonus is less appealing than the recent 25% discount offer, or the 40% bonus we’ve seen in prior years.

But it is often possible to save money on your Hyatt stays by buying points at a discount and then spending them on award nights, especially since the current Hyatt promotion lets you earn points on award stays.

Or at the very least you might need a small top-up in order to make an award booking somewhere…

Here is Hyatt’s award chart.

If we apply the 1.31p price to the standard room points cost, we end up with the following tax-inclusive prices:

  • Category 1: ~£65 per night
  • Category 2: ~£105 per night
  • Category 3: ~£157 per night
  • Category 4: ~£196 per night
  • Category 5:  ~£262 per night
  • Category 6: ~£327 per night
  • Category 7: ~£392 per night
  • Category 8: ~£525 per night

In the US, it is not hard at all to find Category 1 hotels that are charging more than £65 per night. A random date at the Category 1 Hyatt Regency near Washington’s Dulles Airport shows a flexible rate of ~£94 + taxes…

The luxury hotels that are allocated to Categories 7 and 8 are also typically charging more than £392-£525 per night. A good example is the brand new Category 7 (30k points per night) Alila hotel in Napa Valley, where a random midweek date in June costs nearly~£565 + tax.

Don’t Forget Cashback

Hyatt sells its points via, which means that you can earn 2.5% cashback via TopCashback USA. If you aren’t yet a member of TopCashback USA and wanted to be kind, you could sign-up using my referral link. 🙂


Bottom Line

If you have Globalist status, you are probably well aware of its industry-leading perks, some of which – free parking, Guest of Honor, etc. – are only available when spending points. So even if you prefer to earn your Hyatt points via stays, it still can make sense to buy points when these discounts/bonuses are available.

Do you ever buy hotel points? Let us know in the comments section…

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