Virgin Atlantic Flying Club is Selling Miles at a Discount Again

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It wasn’t too long ago that Virgin Atlantic Flying Club had its last mileage sale. Either that earlier promotion was successful and worthy of repeating, or wasn’t successful enough (at meeting targets for selling miles)!

Nonetheless, Flying Club members can buy miles between now and 30 June, 2019 and receive the following bonuses:

  • 15% bonus when you buy 2,000 – 9,000 miles
  • 20% bonus when you buy 10,000 – 29,000 miles
  • 30% bonus when you buy 30,000 – 69,000 miles
  • 40% bonus when you buy 70,000 – 150,000 miles

Miles normally cost 1.5p each (plus a £15 service charge), so buying 70,000 miles (pre-bonus) would cost you £1,065 and you’d ultimately receive 98,000 miles. This results in a per-mile price of 1.09p.

You can reach the landing page for this promotion by clicking here.

Does it Make Sense to Buy?

In general you don’t want to be making speculative purchases at this price, if only because the promotion will come back around soon enough.

The vast majority of Flying Club reward options require the payment of fuel surcharges. This makes it quite hard to find value in buying miles and then spending them on Economy or Premium Economy reward flights.

However, I have written previously about a handful of sweetspots. If you have your eye on rewards like these – and have already found award availability, then you might be interested in:

And of course… if you need a few thousand miles to top-up for a reward, it’s better to buy them with a 15-20% bonus than with none at all…

Have you ever bought Flying Club miles? Let us know in the comments section…


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