Discounts AND Bonus Points – The Hilton Europe/Mid East/Africa Summer Sale

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We previously covered the vast Hilton EMEA Sale, which offers 30% off at a number of properties in the region. However, there’s a discount/points bonus stacking opportunity here which requires a little bit of tactical booking, so bear with us…

First up, with heavy discounts on a number of summer destinations, including 30% off classics like Dubai, exotic options like Mauritius and city breaks like Paris, there are options for everyone. You need to book by 9 August 2019, and stay by 6 January 2020.

However, there’s added value to be had…

As we reported in April, Hilton is offering double Honors Points (and a bit more) on stays until 8 September this year, provided that you register here. The problem? The double points don’t kick in till your second stay.

As a result, our advice is very strongly this: If you plan a bargain getaway in the Summer Sale, by all means do it, but consider a bargain one-nighter first, to get that “no double points” first stay out of the way.

An example

Let’s say you are London-based, and are planning two weeks in Mauritius this summer. Using the Hilton discount via the Summer Sale, you could secure those two weeks in Mauritius, in August, for a fantastic £180 per night.

The thing is, good value as it may be, a spend of £180 x 14 is going to still be a substantial outlay, and so earn you a good chunk of Hilton Honors Points.

However, if this is your first stay since signing up to the double points promo, you WON’T earn double points on it (as the double points kicks in on stay 2). In this example, you’d therefore be missing out on approximately 32,000 Honors Points.

The solution

As a result of the above, the good old mattress run can be used! You can go local, and benefit from rates also in the Hilton sale. Ideally, of course, you’d go for a one nighter you actually need, but a good example is the Hilton Watford, which is available in the Summer Sale at just £50 a night:

A £50 outlay for 32k Hilton points is well worth it, plus you’ll also get the handful of points and the status benefits from the Watford stay.

So in short, the summary is as follows:

  • There’s some great value in the Hilton Summer Sale
  • The Hilton double points promo is well worth signing up to
  • However, use the Summer Sale discounts not only to secure a discount summer holiday, but also a tactical one nighter, to ensure the longer, more expensive holiday stay gets those double points.


  1. John says

    32k points are worth circa £100. Unless they have a cheap Hilton on their doorstep, doing a mattress run is not going to be worth it…

    • Joe Deeney says

      The specifics will vary from person to person of course depending on where you live and what stays you’ve got lined up, but I can see potential value here. Ideally, you’d turn the mattress run into a nice little staycation, rather than do it as a pure mattress run.

      More broadly, it could certainly make sense to book with Hilton for a 1 night stay rather than another brand, if you’ve got a 1 night stay planned anyway, even if it was a little more expensive.

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