Double Points? Or Something Else? New Hilton Honors Promotion Announced

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You can almost always rely on Hilton Honors running a “double points” promotion at some point during the year. And so it is yet again… with the summer promotion called “Go More, Get More”. There is a bit of an extra sweetener however…

Between 6 May and 8 September, 2019, Hilton Honors members will receive double points, starting with their second stay. In addition, members will receive a bonus of:

  • 10,000 points after their 10th stay
  • 15,000 points after their 15th stay
  • 20,000 points after their 20th stay

As these are cumulative bonuses, you would receive a total of 45,000 bonus points after 20 stays.

Registration is required. You can do that by clicking here.

Tips to Keep in Mind

  1. The “starting with your second stay” proviso is a really annoying element that is increasingly being added to hotel chain promotions. Luckily award stays qualify for all promos with Hilton Honors, so if you can squeeze in an award stay (or a one-nighter using cash) before any expensive paid stays, your bonus points might even compensate for the cost of a “mattress run”…
  2. The additional bonuses are based on “stays” – i.e. one or more consecutive nights at the same hotel. If you typically stay only one night, or can “hotel hop” between Hilton properties, you will reach the bonus points quicker.
    1. That said… 45,000 bonus points for 20 stays is only 2,250 points per stay – perhaps not even worth the effort unless you are chasing Gold or Diamond status via the 20/30 stay method
  3. Otherwise, it’s worth remembering that only base points are doubled, not status bonuses, etc. Since Hilton Honors gives out 10 base points per US dollar spent, you’d be earning an extra 10 points with this promotion. I reckon that works out to an additional 5% rebate.

The Bottom Line

There is no gap between Hilton Honors promotions – the current promo ends on 5 May – which is a good thing. But otherwise Hilton is showing its usual lack of imagination with yet another double points promotion that will make corporate travellers relatively happy, but leave little for “travel hackers” to play with…  Make sure to register nonetheless.



  1. mahomed says

    Hi – should it be 45 000 points after 20 stays for an average of 2 250 points per stay or am I reading it wrong .

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