Hilton Europe, Mid East and Africa Sale – Some Real Bargains Available

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In addition to the current (at the time of writing) Japan and Korea Flash Sale, Hilton are offering a more extended sale period for rooms in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. With 30% off a vast number of hotels in this extended region, it’s well worth a look.

The sale is now live, and  ends on 19 August 2019, so you’ve plenty of time to take advantage of it. You need to stay by 6 January 2020 and while, technically, the sale applies to weekend stays only, you’re likely to find plenty of discounts throughout the week.

So what’s available?

My standard, responsibility-abdicating advice here is generally “have a good look yourself”.

That’s not down to laziness, but rather the vast array of destinations, hotels and dates (with their varying prices) available. The fact is that a thorough search is very likely to identify a hotel that will suit you, at 30% less, or at the very least with a solid discount.

That said, discounted rates include the following:

City breaks

  • London at 30% off
  • Paris at 30% off
  • Amsterdam at 30% off
  • Venice at 30% off
  • Istanbul at 25% off

Middle Eastern Gems

  • Abu Dhabi at 30% off
  • Riyadh at 30% off
  • Dubai at 30% off
  • Doha at 30% off
  • Ras Al Khaimah at 25% off
  • Jordan at 25% off
  • Jeddah at 20% off

Exotic Luxury

  • Mauritius at 30% off
  • Cape Town at 30% off
  • Algarve at 25% off
  • Seychelles at 20% off

So, plenty of options, plenty of dates and most importantly, plenty of discounts. Have a good look and remember that the sale rates apply to stays all the way through to January 2020, so this is a great opportunity to lock in an advance lower price, further discounted by the sale, for your summer break this year.

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