Use a VPN? You Might Be Able to Receive 200 Free Avios

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Everybody loves free Avios…  However this particular offer requires you to use a VPN in order to sign up with a Spanish IP address (and probably the auto-translate function of Google Chrome).

I stumbled across an offer on the Iberia Plus shopping portal. You can receive 200 free Avios for signing up to be spammed by a website called Showroomprive…

Note that the company is well aware that bloggers like me will discover the offer and publicise it to our worldwide audience – therefore it is tracking sign-ups to ensure they come from a Spanish IP address. So use a VPN…

How Do I Access the Offer?

Check to see whether this direct link works –

If it doesn’t, you probably need to log in to your Iberia Plus account first, and set your country to Spain (in the centre of the main banner).

Then access the Iberia Plus store and search for “Showroomprive”.

The sign-up process appears to be quite simple.

  • Name
  • Surname
  • E-mail address
  • Password (new)

This is obviously one of those situations where you want to operate a secondary e-mail address to receive commercial spam like this, unless of course you have a passion for fashion to go with your travel hacking tendencies…


I can’t guarantee that this offer will work for everybody. But I’m sure many of you are willing to spend 30 seconds in an attempt to receive 200 free Avios…

The Avios might take awhile to arrive. But let us know in the comments section when/if they do…


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