Hilton Gold Fast Track For All Re-emerges

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While we have long been fans of the Hilton Gold fast track options, the generic offers seem to have fallen away of late. Therefore, we were heartened to see the re-emergence of a (sort of) generic option here.

As you can see, the offer requires you to stay 4 times (that’s 4 separate stays, not 4 nights) in the 90 days after you sign up. Bear in mind that Hilton is currently offering 2x or 3x bonus points on stays, plus a generous Winter Sale, so now is a pretty good time to be making Hilton stays.

In any event, given the benefits of Hilton Gold, this is one worth giving some attention to.

Is this really open to all?

As we say above, “sort of”. Unlike many of the corporate specific status matches (e.g. the Accenture one), you don’t need to add a specific company email address. Technically, however,  this offer is “available only to travelers of Travel and Transport”. Therefore I think you should at the very least read their blog, before making use of this one.

Note that this offer is not to be confused with the Hilton status match offer, which offers you a temporary match and fast-track option to keep that temporary status longer term. Again, this is open to all, albeit you need to have a matchable status outside of Hilton. 



    • Miles Hunt says

      Yep. Hilton status runs for all of the rest of the Calendar year you earn it, all of the next year and until March of the year after that.

      So, qualify for Gold via this offer and you’ll be Gold till March 2020.

      • 7wood says

        Thanks but what I meant was could I take up this upgrade before my current status expires?
        Despite what other correspondents say below I’ve been happy with the upgrades, free breakfasts and only once has it not resulted in lounge access when a lounge was available(Hilton Gatwick!).

  1. Dren du Plooy says

    I’ve found the value of HH Gold status has diminished recently, depending on which property you stay at. I suspect that offers like this just distill it further. Anyone else noticed this? Lower tiers becoming diluted in favour of upper?

  2. Drennan Duplooy says

    Upgrades and lounge access are minimal on Gold HH now. Youre lucky if you get a ‘Thank you for your loyalty’ as a member. Ive fed back on this with no response so it seems you’re of limited value at that tier.

    • Craig Sowerby says

      I received a suite upgrade at the Conrad Cartagena in Colombia as a Gold back in July.

      However, if you stay somewhere with lots of Diamonds (business city hotels, etc.), you obviously won’t get much as a Gold.

      • Drennan Duplooy says

        For sure – there are instances of upgrades per location but there’s a downgrade trend worldwide on HH status.

    • Michael Jennings says

      I think it depends where you are, really. I have done a bit of travel in Turkey recently, and I have a good record with upgrades. Free breakfast is a nice perk, too, as others have said.

  3. Andreas says

    I have had quite a high upgrade hit rate with HH Gold in the past year, perhaps I’m VERY lucky: Conrad HK, Conrad Macao, Hilton KL, Hilton Amsterdam, Hilton Rotterdam, Doubletree Tower of London are the ones I remember…

    • Miles Hunt says

      Upgrades, or upgrades to executive rooms (+ therefore lounge access)? I do find I tend to get “upgraded” but often to a class of room that seems indistinguishable. That sounds horribly whiney but as a result the only upgrades I really notice are from non-exec to exec rooms.

      Just to counter my negativity above, in pretty much all cases I find the breakfast perk superb.

  4. john browell says

    MIles your article has inspired me to finally join the Hilton scheme, having been a loyal IHG member for several years now, and finally just about to hit Spire level, which really should offer free breakfasts at that level I think.
    So I’ve signed up and asked for a status match with IHG; first Hilton booking is next week, then hopefully 2 in January, so just need one more for the Gold level to last until 2020 hopefully.

      • Craig Sowerby says

        LOL. IHG is even worse than Hilton for status benefits, so happy to see the step up from poor to mediocre. 😉

        John, are you Gold fast tracking or status matching? You are probably eligible for a Diamond match, with 8 stays needed instead of 4.

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