Hilton Honors’ Autumn Promo is Finally Announced – ‘Moments Made Bigger’

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I published a post yesterday regarding the lack of hotel chain promotions for the autumn. Instinctively I knew I was tempting fate and some hotel chain would announce a promotion before, or shortly after, that post went live. And so one did… Hilton Honors has announced a promotion that will run from 10 September, 2018 until 3 January, 2019.

Called ‘Moments Made Bigger’, the base of the promotion is…. wait for it… double points?!?!?!

The “triple points” element of the promotion applies to 243 Hilton Honors properties worldwide that are deemed to be “resort and luxury”. The luxury element is fairly straightforward – Conrad and Waldorf Astoria hotels. I’m not sure if Hilton Honors has a formal definition of “resort”, so you’ll just have to check the list of participating properties to be sure…

As always, only base points are doubled or tripled, meaning that members will earn an additional 10 / 20 points per US dollar spent pre-tax.

Even though the new status bonuses don’t have any impact on this bonus promotion, it’s worth reminding readers what you now earn:

I use a simple 0.5 US cent valuation for an Honors point, which means that a Gold member earns a 9% rebate and a Diamond member earns 10%.

This Double Points promotion accordingly works out to an additional 5% of rebate, 10% at resorts / luxury. Nice to have, but not mattress run worthy or worth going out of your way… As always, don’t forget to visit the Avios e-store to earn some Hilton “cashback”.

Registration is required to participate. You can register by clicking here.

I had been hoping for a stay-based promotion, as that would stack nicely with the 2,500 Lufthansa miles per stay promotion. Instead, the big winners from this promotion are those business travellers who stay at luxury hotels in expensive cities…

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  1. Pangolin says

    IIRC Someone only 24 hours ago said that they couldn’t see why Hilton would extend the current double promo points for a few days, only to follow it with another double points promo 😜

    I guess the people at Hilton hadn’t managed to agree on what Q4 promo to run, but finally they just said ‘f&@£ it, let’s just give ’em double points again’!

    • Pangolin says

      But I’ll let that person off the hook as this time there’s a slight difference, thanks to the triple points on some properties.

      Seriously though, I would much prefer them to have brought back the triple points for Diamond members. That was one of the best promos they ever had (maybe 5K bonus per stay was more hackable when there were tons of 5K properties, but those bonus points were often a devil to chase up).

      For now, I guess I’ll have to look for Conrads so I can get 3x points and a bear 😀

    • Craig Sowerby says

      😜 Hilton need to hire some interns with a bit more imagination…

      Given the earn and burn ratio, double points is about the bare minimum for Hilton to be competitive with the other chains’ standard, no-promo earn/burn ratio…

      • Pangolin says

        True but the thing about Hilton is they frequently layer other decent promos on top of the main one. Like the 2500 M&M miles per stay till Oct 31, which kills anything else out there right now.

  2. Miles Hunt says

    I’ve been stitched up on a technicality on this one. I’m staying at the Waldorf Hilton in London, which isn’t actually a “Waldorf Astoria” and so doesn’t qualify. The only hotel that does in London is the Conrad St James.

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