Hilton Honors Implements Changes – No More Points & Miles

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Today – 2 April 2018 – marks the death of Hilton Honors’ “Double Dip”, where members could earn both airlines miles and (H)Honors points for the same hotel stay. I wrote about these changes earlier this year.

Starting today, Honors members will only earn points for their Hilton stays. This chart provides a useful summary:

If you are irreconcilably wedded to the concept of earning airline miles for hotel stays, you can still convert Honors points into airline miles. Hilton has added some new airline options – such as Turkish Airlines Miles & Smiles – whilst others are no longer available.

You can find the full list of airline partners by clicking here.

However I REALLY hope that you never have cause to convert your Hilton Honors points into airline miles. The best possible conversion appears to be 10,000 Honors points for 1,500 miles (Virgin Atlantic or American Airlines AAdvantage). Placing a fairly conservative value of 0.5 U.S. cents / 0.35p on an Honors point and 1p on a Virgin or AA mile, you’d be trading £35 of value for £15.

But my Honors points are going to expire imminently, one might protest… Indeed they might, but you can easily keep your Honors account active by using the Honors online shopping portal.

Or you can simply use your Honors points on a Points + Money award. I’m not necessarily a fan, but Hilton Honors have made it incredibly easy to use any small points balances (5,000+) in order to receive a discount on your room rate.

So… it appears that the transition to the “new” Hilton Honors is finally complete. What is your opinion of the changes?


  1. Adam says

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention Craig.
    When using Hilton’s best price guarantee, do you still get cashback paid when you make a claim?

    • Craig Sowerby says

      I was just discussing this with some of my InsideFlyer colleagues the other day. I did receive some Avios from the e-store recently. At least one or two of those bookings were BRGs. However it was close to impossible to figure out exactly how my “cashback” was calculated. So YMMV… but in principle you do still get cashback / Avios.

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