Where are All of the Autumn Hotel Chain Promotions?

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Today is 28 August, 2018 and yet we still have no news regarding the promotions that will be offered by the major hotel chains this autumn. Taking judicious advantage of hotel chain promos is a great way to earn substantial rebates that help pay for your next holiday. So details of chain-wide promotions are rather important…

The lack of information is strange. Here’s what we do know.

Hilton Honors recently extended its current “Double Points” promotion until 9 September. You can read about it by clicking here.

I don’t believe that Hilton Honors would extend a “double points” promotion for nine days, only to then run it for the rest of 2018. So we should expect to see something different, but when? I can’t recall Hilton leaving gaps between promotions…

We do have the generous 2,500 Lufthansa mile promotion, which will run until 31 October, 2018. That might be incentive enough to plan your one or two-night stays at Hilton Honors hotels.

It should be time for another Accelerate, since the last one ended on 31 July. IHG usually provide some advance notice of their promotions, but we haven’t heard anything yet.

There is a US member only promotion running until 16 September, 2018. Perhaps the next Accelerate promo will start in mid-September or 1 October?


Let’s face it. Marriott is rather busy with the complete mess that is the integration of Marriott Rewards and Starwood Preferred Guest. I suspect that nobody has time to worry about a promotion right now. That said, the longer the debacle continues, the more likely we will see an attractive promotion to “win back” disgruntled loyalty programme members…

I normally generate my “own personal promo” with Best Rate Guarantee claims that can earn me 5,000 Marriott points for a one-night stay. But given the IT integration issues, I’m staying well clear of Marriott!

World of Hyatt typically do not provide any advance notice of their promotions. Because… why would they want to incentivise people to switch stays to Hyatt?!?!?!

We might see a chain-wide promotion starting 1 September, or we might not…  I have no idea…

The current “double points” promotion from Radisson Rewards ends on 31 August, 2018. Again, no news of any promotion for the autumn…


In a bouyant economy such as this one, hotel chains don’t need to work particularly hard to fill rooms. Given the difficulties being faced by Marriott, perhaps the other major chains feel like they can get away with not running a promotion at all. Or perhaps they are waiting to see what the competition will offer…  Nonetheless, it feels strange to reach the end of August without having details of ANY hotel chain promotion for the autumn.

What do you think? Do promos impact on your choice of hotel?


  1. Ross says

    Was thinking the same myself. Difficult to imagine this is a coincidence across all hotels at the same time – collusion?

  2. Michael Jennings says

    Doesn’t have to be active collusion. You just need someone at IHG who has decided “We won’t launch our promotion until we see what Hilton offers” and also vice versa.

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