Rant Alert: The Avios eStore Hilton Farce

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While it is now back, the loss of Hilton from the cashback sites such as TopCashback and Quidco led to many of us looking at a variety of alternatives.

avios estore hilton

The consensus seemed to be that with a typical rate of around 6 Avios per £1 (sometimes extending to 8 per £1), the best option was booking Hilton stays via the Avios eStore.

Indeed, that remains the case – even with the return of cashback, at just 1% for Hilton Honors members, the more lucrative offer is seemingly the 6 Avios per £1 via the Avios eStore Hilton tie-up .

However, while on paper this is a good (and very probably the best) deal, that’s unfortunately not the case in practice.

The sad reality is that it takes an absolute eternity for the Avios you earn with Hilton via Avios eStore to post. 

Some examples

I racked up some spend in June and July 2017:

avios estore hilton

These points posted on 1 February 2018, 8 months later.

In addition, I currently have thousands of Avios due from the Avios eStore, dating back to October 2017 – over 4 months ago – with no sign of them posting:

avios estore hilton

What should happen

Avios expressly state that you should have to wait no more than 120 days after your stay to receive the points:

My beef

Ultimately, this is simply not good enough.

I fully understand that Hilton may take a while to pay commissions on stays. However, 8 months? It’s not good enough, and if these kind of timescales are the norm (which they are), Avios need to make it clear. Saying that the points will be with you in no more than 120 days and then consistently making you wait months more than that is not acceptable.

I’m not alone here. Have a look at these comments from beneath this article I wrote back in January:

avios estore hilton

Calming me down

Ok, so the Avios get there in the end, but 8 months? It’s ridiculous.

The Avios eStore needs to accept that the posting time for Hilton points is pretty much always way longer than the 120 days they claim, and either make that very clear to purchasers, or follow the matter up with Hilton (or any intermediary they deal with) to ensure the matter is addressed and points post in a much more reasonable time.

Only then will I reaffirm my assertion that Avios are the best value rebate option for Hilton stays. Which, subject to the rather hefty caveat above, they of course are.

Disagree? If you have had a seamless “120 day max” experience with the Avios eStore and Hilton Honors, feel free to defend them below. 


  1. Craig Sowerby says

    I’d lay at least 90% of the blame with Hilton. They clearly have a problem with affiliate marketing as a concept. Coming and going from the cashback websites. Paying less for clicks from Honors members with status. etc. etc.

    The remaining 10% of the blame I give to Avios e-store, because they really ought to kick Hilton off their platform if the merchant’s performance is going to be so poor.

    • Miles Hunt says

      I think you are almost certainly right in your technical blame allocation.

      My wrath was directed at Avios eStore however, because i) they’re the contractual party here and ii) they explicitly state the 120 day max period, despite the fact that it is consistently (always?) exceeded.

  2. Andrew M says

    Hilton’s relationship with cashback sites is verging on fraudulent. I was lured in and burnt by their 19% Topcashback “Secret Cashback Offer” They took my cash, failed to pay and ran – leaving Topcashback so no claims could be processed.

    This is doing serious reputation damage to the Hilton brand.

  3. Dave says

    This isn’t limited to Hilton though, it’s common to all sites like this including TCB and Quidco.

    9 Best Western stays totalling 200+ of cashback unpaid on TCB and QC a few years ago
    Esure/Sheilas Wheels – rarely pay out
    Virgin Trains – now gone from both but 4/5 trips were declined over 2 years
    Manchester Airport Parking – increased rate this time last year, owe 35 in total – TCB’s excuse – MAP don’t deal with that affiliate any more. And then start re-advertising at a lower rate via a different one straight afterwards.

    It is fraudulent advertising but until someone starts a class action nobody is going to fix it. They just blame the affiliate.
    What these sites need to do is make the affiliates pay a bond to them to accept their advertising. Then pay the ‘unpaid’ claims from that.

    Since this is an offer/accept it’s surely a breach of contract if the retailer doesn’t pay since your contract is with them following their advert. Trouble is these are amounts that are too small to take to the small claims court.

  4. David S says

    I have pretty much given up on this. My last booking with Hilton via avios did not track last year and apparently the click through did not register either but not entirely sure how. I complained to Avios and they said they need proof that I clicked through the website which I don’t have, so they basically said they can’t do anything about it and essentially accusing me of lying!!! So I have not bothered with booking hotels with avios anymore. By the way, this is not unique to Hilton. I have had problems with getting avios on lots of my purchase from estore and had to get in touch with avios customer services each time to get it and the amount credited is not always the same as advertised. Very annoying indeed.

    • Craig Sowerby says

      Perhaps you have a problem with your cookie settings?

      One thing is when clicks track but then the merchant doesn’t pay out. It’s another thing entirely when your clicks aren’t even tracking, which is often more on the customer’s end.

  5. Michele says

    Mine always track fine but still waiting for some from Spring 2017! How much luck have people had pursuing getting the Avios when it is way past the 120 days. Is it worth waiting and they will post eventually or have people got them credited when they have chased them?

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