If You Recently Bought Avios from Groupon, You Might Want to Try Redeeming the Voucher Again… TODAY!

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Regular readers know that I  highlight a frequent offer from Groupon in Spain; you can buy 2,000 Avios for 19 euros (£17) and earn some “Aviosback” on top. The latest iteration of the offer has been running since mid October – click here for details.

One of the quirks of the offer is that you aren’t really buying Avios directly. You are buying a Groupon voucher that you must then exchange for Avios. When you make a purchase, your Groupon voucher is usually issued immediately. And most people go straight to the process of exchanging that voucher for Avios. (helpfully the instructions now come in English)

However, something has gone wrong. In my experience (and that of others on Flyertalk), my initial conversion in late October simply did not work.  Even though I saw this confirmation screen…

I did not receive a confirmation e-mail, nor did my Avios show up within the promised ten days. So, a few days ago I decided to repeat the conversion process.

How Can I Double-Check?

Go to www.groupon.es and click on Mis Groupones

You should default to “tus Groupones disponibles” (disponible = available)

If you still see a Groupon voucher there, your conversion hasn’t gone through correctly! And the voucher will expire at midnight European time (11pm in the UK) today (9 November, 2018)

If your voucher has converted correctly, you should see something like this if you click on the dropdown box next to “Ofertas” and switch to “Canjeado”…  (canjeado = exchanged)


If you recently purchased a voucher from Groupon, today is the final day before it expires. Save yourself the aggravation of a credit card / PayPal charge-back process and check to see whether your voucher has been correctly exchanged for Avios.


  1. Rewarding Trips says

    Thanks for this. The groupon voucher is still showing as available on my account. I’m going to try and redeem it again, but does anyone else find it slightly disconcerting that claiming the voucher is done through Google docs…?

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