Luxury Hilton Resort Stay, Family Dinner and Breakfast – at £48 a Night!

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We don’t tend to flag standout single hotel deals on InsideFlyer, simply because people’s requirements differ so enormously that it’s generally a touch futile.

You only need to look at the enormously differing response to the motley assortment of hotels in IHG’s (increasingly less) legendary PointBreaks offer to see that.

hilton deals

However, I’m going to break with tradition today. Not necessarily because I expect you to jump on this booking (although there are compelling arguments why you should…), but for 2 reasons:

  1. It shows the fantastic value that can be found in the current Hilton Winter Sale (Europe, Middle East and Africa); and
  2. It shows the superb additional value you can often find by clicking on the “More Prices” option when shown available rooms on the Hilton website. Something I have long encouraged.

So, after reading this article (at least, if you don’t instantly book the hotel flagged), I expect everyone to look at the Hilton Winter Sale based on their specific requirements, and when doing so, check what’s available via the “More Prices” tab.

So what is this deal?

The Hilton Hurghada Resort, a lovely resort hotel on the Red Sea, is offering rooms in the Hilton Winter Sale from a fantastic £28 a night. For a twin deluxe room with garden (search for 2 adults and 1 child, but you could definitely squeeze in another child here) you’ll pay £40 a night for a week in December (e.g. Saturday 8 to Saturday 15 December):

hilton deals

But don’t stop there…

Those who take note of what I have to say (a niche band, I concede) will know that I’m regularly pushing the “More Prices” option on the Hilton room selection page. You can see it in the graphic above, but here it is nicely circled for your convenience:

hilton deals

Click on this, and we get into mega-deal territory at the Hilton Hurghada Resort. For the entire week of 8-15 December, for example, you can get dinner, bed and breakfast for a staggering £48 per night. So, via the “More Prices” tab, that’s an extra £8 for dinner for 3 (or potentially even 4 – if you squeeze in another kid you’ll be fine, as kids eat free anyway).

hilton deals

To be absolutely clear, that’s dinner, for everyone, for each of the 7 nights, for an extra £8 per night.

Anything else?

Yes, as if that’s not good enough, as this is a Hilton “resort” hotel, you will earn 3 x Hilton Honors points in the current points promo (applies until 3 January 2019).

hilton deals

Also, to top off the bargain, don’t forget to earn cashback on your Hilton stays.

Finally, on a related point, I am currently sifting through this sale to flag other bargain hotels available, but this is hopefully a useful starter for 10. Even if simply to encourage you to search for your own bargain. And don’t forget to check the “More Prices” tab!


  1. James says

    This is a great find.
    However I am not sure where you came up with 29p per person per night for dinner.
    It is adding £8 per night, not £8 across all 7 nights.

    £8 divided by 2 (or even 4) is not 29p.

    • Joe Deeney says

      Cheers James, yes – I think Miles may have got a little overexcited with this one, will amend it now. Still a cracking deal though!

  2. Voltron says

    Anybody actually stayed at any of the cheap Hilton hotels in Egypt? There and Turkey seem to he the last best remaining “cheap” hiltons on paid or redemption stays

    • Joe Deeney says

      I haven’t tried the ones in Egypt, but I’ve been to a few in Istanbul and they were all pretty good.

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