Why You Should Always Check “More Prices” on the Hilton Website

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I was reminded today of a little Hilton website trick that has saved me a fair bit of money in the past, and thought it worth sharing – in this case it saved me £4 a night and got me a free dinner.

Navigating the Hilton website

When you search for a hotel on the Hilton website, you’ll be presented with a screen showing the “best rate” for each hotel. In my case, I was looking to stay at the Waldorf Hilton in central London, so I saw this:

hilton offers

So there we have it – seemingly the best price for my dates is £247. I therefore selected this, prepared to lock in the £247 a night rate.

This takes you through to the more detailed room choice screen, as follows:

hilton offers

Again, my best option appears to be the £247 rate, offering a modest saving to me as a Hilton Honors member.

But wait! What’s that I see… Look closely and you’ll see the the blue text at the bottom, saying “More prices from £243”. Now clearly, £243 is less than £247…

hilton offers

Sure enough, when I bring up the “more prices option, not only am I offered a room at £243 a night, it includes dinner!

hilton offers

As such, in not blindly going with the “best” rate flagged to me by the Hilton search function, I save myself £4 a night and get a free dinner.

Is this a fair comparison?

Now I do appreciate the £243 rate is non-flexible, versus the £247 flexible rate. However, I have a couple of points to say on this:

This is not an isolated example. I am an extremely frequent visitor to the Hilton website, and I have fairly regularly found interesting or better offers in the “more prices” section. Sometimes this has been a better rate for an entirely equivalent room (e.g. non-flex versus non-flex), other times it’s included an extra like dinner for just a couple of pounds more.

I was simply looking to get the cheapest rate here. I know I am making this stay, therefore all I was looking for with Hilton was the cheapest non-flex rate. As such, this really is money shaved off my stay and a free dinner.

So get into the habit – always check those hidden options available via the “more prices” link. 


  1. Laurens says

    This has worked for me in the past as well. Looking for a room in the DoubleTree by Hilton Resort in Penang, standard rooms already had a lower rate when clicking through the ‘small print’. But I found out that some odd ‘heritage package’ rate for 5 nightst in a one bedroom suite was 367 MYR as opposed to the lowest 455 ‘large print’ rate, both nonrefundable.

  2. grammer says

    Is it possible to search for a HH reward points redemption when you have zero points in your account? (I have Amex points I could transfer once I find something)

    I can see room availability with points whilst not logged in but when you click the room to see cash & points options etc it asks for a login and then the points option disappears…. very annoying!

    Any tips appreciated…

      • grammer says

        Thanks Charlie -i was looking at the HGI in Arlington, VA

        Just tried again still the same …error message after selecting the points rate & logging on: “Your selected rate is no longer available. Please re-select rooms/rates”

  3. Jill says

    Ever since Hilton rejigged their award price system, I’ve noticed these sort of dirty tricks come into play far more frequently. Technical anomaly or technically designed?

    • Miles Hunt says

      Good question. I don’t think it’s “dirty tricks” as such, I just think they sometimes load up packages like the “dinner inclusive” ones at slightly inconsistent prices, perhaps down to a failure to adequately compare them to what else is available.

      I see it as a positive, provided you remember to check the “more prices” option. So in answer to your question, I will perhaps naively submit “technical anomaly”.

  4. Ross says

    Thanks for the reminder as it slips of the radar too easily. Marriott have a similar offering and sometimes you can get a couple of thousand bonus points for paying just a few extra pounds.

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