How to Look for Award Space on the Iberia Website (2-Min Travel Tip)

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With all the excitement currently buzzing around Iberia’s extremely generous Avios offer, I’ve been busy getting reacquainted with Iberia Plus, and more specifically the Iberia website. To cut a long story short, the site has plenty of foibles that those who have taken advantage of the current promo (like me!) will soon become all too familiar with.

I’ll write about the quirks – and hopefully the solutions! – as they crop up in my own searches.

Before we get onto anything more complicated though, there are a couple of basic steps that Iberia makes unnecessarily challenging:

  • Logging into your account
  • Navigating to the part of the website where you can actually search for award space.

How to log in to Iberia Plus

This should be mindlessly simple, but one aspect has periodically foiled me for years.

The first part is easy enough: head to the Iberia site, click “Log in /Registration” at the top right of the page, then just enter your details and click “Go”.

The problem is that, for reasons unknown, Iberia Plus HATES Google Chrome – and quite often pretends I’ve entered my passcode incorrectly (amongst lots of other errors) if I try to access my account using Chrome. Internet Explorer seems to work fine, and I’m reliably informed that Firefox is ok too.

If you’re having trouble, don’t waste your time changing your passcode etc – just switch browser.

How to search for Avios award space on the Iberia site

If you try to locate a search page yourself, you’ll probably (eventually) end up being presented with a screen like the one below, which is quite pretty but basically useless:

You’ll then likely see a lot of of this…

… And quite possibly a bit of this:

The question feels somehow particularly galling when it comes from such a half-baked piece of tech!

So, forget all that nonsense. Instead, just go to this page here and sign in.

It’s not pretty and it’s still far from ideal, but it’s the best I’ve managed to find on the Iberia site so far.

If anyone has any better ways, PLEASE share in the comments!


  1. Craig Sowerby says


    AAdvantage now allows Iberia redemptions online. Since they have a better calendar function, you might be able to find IB space a bit easier through AA. Of course you’ll get a lot of BA options shown as well.

  2. Russell Wilson says

    Joe, do you try manage more than one IB account on the same browser? Mine worked perfectly on chrome until I opened an account for the wife and tried to access hers as well as mine on the same browser. I have a perpetual red line on Award wallet where it can’t update my account but will hers. Now I do my account on chrome and resigned to checking her’s on Firefox. Agree their website can stretch the patience of a saint….

    • Joe Deeney says

      Hi Russell,

      Good point – yes, I quite regularly (try to!) access family member accounts too, so could be.

  3. Tilly71 says

    People now reporting after conversations with IB CS agents today that they are being advised that these promo points cannot be transferred out of your IB account, three people now stated the same thing.

    • Joe Deeney says

      Interesting – to be honest, I’m taking everything from customer service with a big pinch of salt at the moment. I don’t think we’ll really know for certain how it’s going to work and what will be possible until the Points (hopefully!) post.

      • Craig Sowerby says

        This promo has even gone viral down here in South America, so I can only imagine the number of Americans and Europeans who have jumped in. There are going to be some really unhappy Iberia number crunchers tomorrow morning. The numbers are going to be so large that I think some “adjustments” are going to be made. I didn’t even bother to max out…

  4. dreamrider212 says

    Can you tell me how you got to the Avios page? Whenever I try I’m redirected back to the home page where there is no Avios link…..

  5. Dmitry Drozdov says

    Hi Joe,

    Thanks a lot for the very interesting post! 🙂
    Based on my experience, there might be an easier way (more like a shortcut):
    1. Log in to my Iberia+ account from the menu on the top right corner of the page (same as your step 1).
    2. On the left hand side on the same page there will be a field to search for tickets. Enter your origina, destination, date, etc. Below there will be an option ‘Pay with avios’. Check it and hit search – it will take you to the page you are referring to 🙂
    Not sure it’s much faster than your option, but it doesn’t require memorizing/saving any links.
    I hope it helps 🙂

  6. Mark says

    Hi there

    I wanted to ask what with avios not accepting any new accounts , what options will be open to me to remove my (hopefully) awarded promotion avios from Iberia to BA?

    Some one did mention via AerClub?

    Any ideas?


  7. Mark says

    Hi there

    So are you saying you can still send Avios from Iberia to Are Club and then onto BA?

    Can you still set up Are Club and BA accounts if you have not set them up yet and only have an Iberia account?


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