Having Trouble with Your Iberia Plus Account? Here’s a Simple Fix…

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For years I’ve had trouble with my Iberia Plus account. Various IT glitches, errors, bugs and peculiarities culminated in a coup de grâce –  I was unable to even log in to my account.

The Iberia Plus site kept claiming that my pin was wrong, even though I knew it wasn’t. Attempts to reset my pin (sometimes) allowed me brief access to my account, but if I tried to log in again later, I’d just get the incorrect pin error message again.

I’m sick of this message.

The accounts of family members worked fine though, so assumed it was probably just a localised issue. I was therefore interested to see that PointsAdventure had encountered the same problem, and delighted that they’d worked out how to fix it!

Having problems with Iberia Plus? Here’s how to fix it

As so often with technology related issues, the solution is simple – once you know how! In this case, all you have to do is use a different web browser, specifically Microsoft Edge/Internet Explorer. 

It really is as simple as that.

Why should I care about Iberia Plus?

You can transfer Avios freely and easily between your British Airways Executive Club (BAEC) and Iberia Plus accounts. Although they use the same ‘currency’, the two programmes have different redemption pricing and rules, so it makes sense to book some tickets using your BAEC account and others using your Iberia Plus account.

For example, my favourite Avios redemption – Transatlantic Business Class on Iberia –  is MUCH better value when booked through Iberia Plus rather than BAEC.

If you’re not sure how to transfer your Avios, Craig wrote an in-depth guide that you can have a read of here.

Bottom line

I’m not sure whether to be irritated at myself for not trying such a simple fix sooner when trying to access my Iberia Plus account, or just happy that I’ll be seeing the dreaded error message less often.

Do you have problems with your Iberia Plus account too?


  1. Andrew H says

    I’ve been having problems with this for two years. Well I never, simple as that – thank you!

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