Bonus Avios via BA Avios eStore – Latest Offers inc. 1500 Avios for £7.99

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The BA Avios eStore shopping portal has a few promotions running at the moment which are worth a look.

If you haven’t used it before the BA Avios eStore works much like a cashback site – but pays out in Avios rather than money.

It’s always worth comparing against the cashback sites, as potentially you could get significantly more value from your Avios than straightforward cash – but you will need to do the maths for your own situation.

Here’s a roundup of the current offers:

Double, Triple or More Avios

In a seemingly random promotion – until 27th June, certain retailers are offering increased earning rates. They are generally double but some are triple and some even higher than that, and others are in between – and this includes some big, well known names:

River Island and Wickes are amongst those offering double their usual rate (4 Avios / £ up from 2 / £.

Very and House of Fraser are offering triple the usual rate (3 per £ for Very, 6 per £ for HoF).

B&Q is offering 5 Avios / £ up from the usual rate of 1/£.

At those rates, it really could swing the maths in favour of the Avios rather than cashback. You can see all the retailers with boosted rates here.

500k Avios Competition

In parallel to the boosted rates, the BA Avios eStore is also running a competition for UK residents who spend £50 via the eStore between 11th June and 9th July.

If you spend over £50 with any of the eStore retailers during this period you will be entered into a draw to win one of 3x 500k Avios prizes, or one of 30x 50k Avios prizes.

Both boosted and normal rate retailers are included.

Obviously this is a competition, not an offer – so don’t get checking the First availability to the Seychelles just yet… but if you do win, let me know!!

1500 Avios for £7.99 with Now TV Entertainment

I’ve saved the best til last… 😉

This one is a little more hidden – but as part of the bonus Avios promotion, they are offering 1,500 Avios for new Now TV Entertainment customers.

A one month Now TV Entertainment pass costs £7.99 – so this is even cheaper than the Groupon Avios deals AND you get a month of Sky’s best entertainment box sets like Westworld (if ANYONE can explain the plot to me please help me out…), all the back episodes of Game of Thrones and more.

The catch is that the deal is for NEW customers – I don’t know if a new email account would be sufficient or if they’ll match credit card details if you already subscribe – so this is not a cheap Avios goldmine – but is a good opportunity to pick up a 1500 Avios for a good price. The eStore has also been known in the past to cancel transactions if they are deemed fraudulent or irregular.

Remember though if you have a BA Household account… more than one of you could always become a new customer this month 😉


I’ve had a pretty good experience over the years with the BA Avios eStore – generally transactions track successfully and are awarded promptly.

As always, make sure you do the maths and compare with cashback sites to ensure you are getting the best return. Avios are not as flexible as cash, nor do you get the conversion bonuses cashback sites offer if you choose vouchers over cash – but if you redeem carefully you can get massive value for your Avios, especially if these small amounts help top up your balance for that big premium redemption.


  1. Antonio says

    How can anyone buy a one month pass for £7.99 before 26/6/18, when new customers are made to take a one month free trial?

    • Rich Thompson says

      Yknow what – I had completely forgotten about the free trial as I’m a long time subscriber (keep threatening to leave to get a discount though…)

      Good spot!

      So potentially this is an even better deal if it tracks through on the free trial! However sometimes the eStore takes a while to actually post the avios so you may need to pay for your first month just to be sure.

    • Joe Deeney says

      Hi Antonio,

      If it works the same way as the similar cashback site now tv offers, the trigger date is when you sign up for the subscription (so it should work fine!), but you won’t get the cashback/points until after the payment for the first paid month of your subscription is taken.

  2. Boobaholic says

    I have Sky and all the channels etc…. so don’t need the subscription at all.
    Any chance I can sign up and get this for my Brother ? I’m in the UK and he is in Ireland.

    • RichT says

      Sometimes Now TV imposes restrictions on viewing outside the UK – but I don’t know for sure if Ireland is impacted by this – but your brother could always use a VPN service to get round that…

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