Groupon Returns Yet Again With More Cheap Avios

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Yet again another Groupon sale has gone live. As always, you will be buying Avios for an Iberia Plus account

The price per Avios is the same as usual:

  • 2,000 Avios for 19 euros (0.95 euro cents apiece)
  • 4,000 Avios for 59 euros (1.48 euro cents apiece)
  • 8,000 Avios for 99 euros (1.24 euro cents apiece)
  • 15,000 Avios for 189 euros (1.26 euro cents apiece)
  • 20,000 Avios for 249 euros (1.25 euro cents apiece)
  • 34,000 Avios for 429 euros (1.26 euro cents apiece)

You are allowed to buy 1 of the 2,000 Avios packs, and 5 of the 4, 20 and 34K packs and 10 of the 8K / 15K packs. (way too complicated for me but if you need loads of Avios you can obviously get them…)

Rich recently discovered that you might be able to buy 2,000 Avios packs with different Groupon accounts and send them to a single Iberia Plus account. YMMV…

Here is the direct link for the Groupon offer, although you don’t want to use it…

You want to go to the Iberia website and set your country settings to Spain in the top left-hand corner. Then you want to visit the IberiaPluStore. (which works exactly like your usual cashback or airline shopping portals) There you will find Groupon as one of the options, offering 11 Avios per euro spent (until 30 June, 2018). I need to add a YMMV here because I have been received strange amounts from the IberiaPluStore.

When you arrive to Groupon, you might see that everything is sold out. This is because the landing page hasn’t been updated. Simply set your city to Madrid and type Avios in the search bar; that should take you to the current offer.

So… if you buy a 2,000 Avios pack, you will also earn up to 209 Avios extra via the IberiaPluStore. 2,209 Avios for 19 euros (£16.50) works out to 0.75p per Avios.

Paying with PayPal should also help avoid any issues with the registered address on your credit card. (although my attempt to use Paypal this morning caused an error with Groupon so YMMV…)

Once you have managed to purchase a Groupon voucher, you will need to exchange it for your Avios.

The 2,000 Avios packages tend to sell very quickly. So you’d better get a move on if you want to take advantage…


  1. Arkadius says

    Hi Craig,
    Thanks. It is a great tip. I have been using this opportunity for a while.
    However, I have a question about transferring purchased Avios from Iberia to BA. I know you covered it in one of the previous articles pointing that, if not directly, it also can be done via Avios platform. I had to use this route as it is the only possibility for transfer to BA household account. I wonder how I could continue with transferring when closes finally.
    I would appreciate your assistance.
    Kind regards,

      • Benjamin says

        Hi Craig,
        Sorry just to make sure I understand correctly so only creating an Aer Lingus account this week for example would help continue being able to transfer next week from May 20 between Iberia and a BA Household account via I would like to buy some on Groupon but I do not want this to be stuck on Iberia 🙂
        Many thanks,

  2. Pierre says

    Of the 3 of these purchases which I made in April, only the first has been credited to my iberia account so far. They are meant to be added within 15 days, which means both of the outstanding ones are late now. Has anyone else had any problems, or still waiting for the avios to be added?

    • Craig Sowerby says

      To be honest, I’ve lost track now that these offers arrive weekly. The Avios do eventually turn up though – I wouldn’t be too worried if you’ve received emails from Groupon and the IberiaPluStore…

      • coeych says

        me too, and I also send email to Groupon es and iberia, ask what’s going on!!, still havent any reply from Iberia!

  3. Jacky Sham says

    Do I need to put Spanish address in Iberia plus profile when I want to use Iberia plus shop, or I can just input my UK address instead, as the terms and condition for avios rebate would only be applicable to Spanish resident.

    • Craig Sowerby says

      As far as I know, it doesn’t matter what address is listed on your Iberia Plus profile. It definitely doesn’t need to be in Spain, regardless of what the T&Cs say.

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