Groupon Avios – It Seems You Can Apply Multiple Vouchers to A Single Account!

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Not a month (scarcely a week these days!) goes by without a Spanish Groupon Avios sale or two. I previously avoided them due to the potential hassle, but having dabbled a bit more recently, it’s now safe to say I am addicted to the €19/2,000 Avios packs!

If you are tempted by the latest sale (valid until 30th April) – I have something for you to think about…

You can only buy one right…?

The cheapest and best value pack is limited to 1 per customer. However, if you have a partner/friend/hamster who also happens to have a account (i.e. an email address), they can also buy a 2,000 Avios voucher for €19.

When you redeem your Groupon – you will be asked for the Iberia Plus account number you want to apply the Groupon to.

During the last  two sales, I bought 2 vouchers each time using my own and my partner’s account, and then applied all four to my account.

The second time round I got really blasé and didn’t even bother using a different PayPal account for the two purchases.

After a few week’s wait – they all appeared 🙂

Groupon Avios conclusion

Obviously this is “anecdotal” and may be totally against the T&Cs of the offer (my Spanish isn’t anywhere near as good as Craig’s!). I accept no responsibility if it doesn’t work!

I wouldn’t risk it too often, or with the more expensive packs (given Iberia & Groupon’s shonky IT I wouldn’t buy even ONE of the more pricey packs, my nerves couldn’t handle it!).

But, if you do happen to have a few “friends/family” who could buy you an Avios Groupon, it seems you may be able to apply it to a single account and then whisk them all off to BA Executive Club 🙂


  1. Craig Sowerby says

    Groupon could make life so much easier for everybody by just reducing the price of the 4 or 8K packages to 1 euro cent per Avios.

    This is the kind of travel hack, though, where I would limit myself to actual humans with an Iberia Plus account in their name.

  2. hamiltus says

    I too have become addicted to the 2K packs. I’m now at a point where I could theoretically redeem for one of Aer Lingus’ off-peak economy awards from Dublin to JFK thanks to Groupon (and you guys for letting us all know when the sales pop up)

    • Craig Sowerby says

      You’re welcome. 🙂 I try my best to get the information out there ASAP, so that InsideFlyer UK readers get a head start over those who find out from other blogs or Flyertalk.

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