How to Convert Your Groupon Voucher into Avios

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As a fluent Spanish speaker, I sometimes forget that Google Chrome doesn’t always do a good job of translating Groupon Spain’s page into English. At the same time, not every reader has gone through the process a dozen times already. So, after a couple of comments on today’s post about Groupon, I decided to put together a quick post to show how to convert your Groupon voucher into Avios. Hopefully it is clear, but you are not buying Avios directly. You are buying a Groupon voucher that you can immediately convert into Avios.

Assuming that you’ve successfully managed to buy a voucher, you should log-in to In the top right hand corner under your name, you will see a drop down box that has “Mis Groupones” as an option.


Once you click on “Mis Groupones”, you should end up on a web page that looks like this:

Click on “Ver tu Groupon” and a PDF should pop up in a separate window on your computer screen.

I’ve erased the details of my voucher…

With the PDF open, you can then click on this link to get to the correct Groupon page. (the pdf also provides the link – “enlace” in Spanish) You need to do this in order to “order” Avios in exchange for that Groupon voucher you just purchased.

Note that your PDF voucher lists “Código de cupón” first and “Código de seguridad” second, but the order is reversed when introducing your coupon’s details…

Don’t forget to click on the button to accept the terms and conditions

Step 2 has a field allowing you to input your Iberia Plus number.

Once you’ve done all of that, you should receive an e-mail pretty quickly. It will look like this – saying little more than your Avios will be arriving within 15 days.

So that’s how you convert a Groupon voucher into Avios. Simples…


    • Craig Sowerby says

      No confirmation emails are sent these days. However you can check your Groupon account to see which Groupons are available (“disponible”) or exchanged (“canjeado”).

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