Today Only! Buy 8,000 Avios for £70

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I have written previously about Groupon in Spain. Regular readers are well aware of how you can buy Avios – sent to your Iberia Plus account – at a great price.

The latest version of the promotion is still ongoing, even though the 2,000 Avios packages have sold out. However, I have uncovered a discount code –  HOHOHO – that is only valid today (23 December, 2017). With it, you can receive a 20% discount, up to a maximum of 20 euros. [edit: it appears that you can use the code more than once 🙂 ]

What can you do with it???  Buy an 8,000 Avios package…  (the place to input HOHOHO is by clicking on “codigo de regalo o promocional”)

Thanks to the 20% discount, you will only pay 79.20 euros (£70) for those 8,000 Avios. That works out to 0.87p each.

Here is the direct link for the Groupon offer, although you don’t want to use it…

You want to go to the Iberia website and set your country settings to Spain in the top left-hand corner. Then you want to visit the IberiaPluStore. (which works exactly like your usual cashback or airline shopping portals) There you will find Groupon as one of the options, offering 9 Avios per euro spent. Once in Groupon, you need to set your city to Madrid and search for Avios.

Unfortunately my last purchase didn’t track properly, and IberiaPluStore will not accept any claims for Groupon. So make sure to clear your cookies or use a different browser!

But if your transaction tracks properly (the discount code might also invalidate the affiliate commission) you might earn an additional 711 Avios on top.

Your Groupon voucher will expire on 31 December, 2017, so make sure to convert it into Avios straight away.

If you haven’t gotten around to finishing your Christmas gift shopping, what better than to gift some Avios to a loved one! LOL.



  1. Andrew H says

    Thank you. I didn’t buy my usual 2000 package this month, but this offer is too good to turn down. Cost £73.20 (had to use Paypal because I don’t have credit cards with no currency fees). StiLl a great deal!

    The usual troubles getting the codes to validate, I see…

  2. Andrew H says

    Looks like they’ve changed the page layout slightly. Couldn’t get the security and coupon codes to work following purchase. I was using Chrome. I switched to Edge and tried again and the codes were immediately accepted. Perhaps their redesign has affected he process if you use Chrome?

    I’m an old hand at this and it’s the first time I couldn’t get the codes to work in Chrome *at all*. Maybe something to remember for the future. Anyway, sorted.

      • Andrew H says

        I don’t think that would have made a difference – but they may have changed something in the code that affects behaviour in Chrome, without realising. I’d be interested to learn if anyone else has had problems with this sale since it started in late November.

        OK, I know people always have issues with it, but I mean some of the regulars who buy these packs everytime like myself.

  3. Kevin says

    This is the first time I’m going to try this trick, what should happen after buying the groupon voucher and entering the details into the site? I’ve reached a screen which states the following. Does this mean success?:


    Ticket no disponible

    El ticket que has comprado en Groupon ha sido enviado a tu correo electrónico:

    • Craig Sowerby says

      It means that they’ve sent the details by email.

      Nonetheless I’ve done another post explaining the entire process of finding your voucher and converting it into Avios.

  4. Andrew H says

    Thanks Craig!

    Kevin, if you have any issues, let us know here.

    There is also a thread in the forum on this subject.

    • David H says

      Must say, for the first time ever, I am having real problems trying to get the thing to work having bought the thing. It keeps insisting that the code has already been used (which it absolutely hasn’t). Am trying in Safari, which has always worked before when Chrome has had issues. Any thoughts ?

      • Andrew H says

        When I tried entering the codes in Chrome, the page would just refresh and remove the codes from the fields. I tried this for about 20 minutes (usually it works on my second or third attempt but it didn’t this time).

        I switched to Edge, tried again and it immediately worked. Just keep trying different browsers until it works.

        • Craig Sowerby says

          Thanks for the tip. Were you using Chrome in translate mode, or is the problem simply with the browser?

          For me, Firefox has never had an issue, but then again I’m always working from the original Spanish from a Spain IP address

          • Andrew H says

            The page loads in Spanish. Usually I right click and translate if there’s something i need to read. I don’t do this for the code page, though.

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