Yet Another 1,000 Free Miles from Virgin Atlantic and Tesco Clubcard

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Back in August, I wrote about how Virgin Atlantic Flying Club and Tesco Clubcard members can earn 1,000 free miles.

Essentially I can cut-and-paste from that post since the exact same offer has returned. Between now and 13 December, 2017, conversions of Tesco Clubcard vouchers into Virgin Atlantic miles will receive a 20% bonus.

This means that you will receive 750 Virgin Atlantic miles for each £2.50 of Tesco Clubcard voucher you convert.

Tesco Clubcard members can also earn 1,000 Virgin Atlantic miles for signing up for Auto Opt-In. This is where you automatically convert your vouchers into miles each quarter.

Normally, this is a bad idea! You should accept standard Tesco Clubcard vouchers, and hang onto them until a conversion bonus comes along or you find an excellent, high-value use for your vouchers.

But I’ve pulled this trick so many times I’m amazed that it still works.

  1. Step One, sign up for Auto Opt-In
  2. Step Two, wait for 1,000 miles to post to your Virgin Atlantic Flying Club account
  3. Step Three, turn OFF Auto Opt-In (make sure to do this well ahead of the next statement, which should be late January 2018)

Setting up Auto Opt-In is simple. Simply log-in to your Tesco Clubcard account, visit the “Voucher Schemes” section of “Account Management”, choose “Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles” and enter your Flying Club membership number. Don’t worry, any existing Clubcard vouchers will remain as vouchers and won’t be automatically converted.

Presto! 1,000 free miles at zero cost to you. (just remember to turn OFF Auto Opt-in before your hard-earned Clubcard points are converted to miles sans bonus! I will do a reminder post once my 1,000 miles post correctly, as I did a few weeks ago)

Since this offer and the Avios prize draw seem to repeat each quarter, you should never convert your Clubcard vouchers before finding out details of the quarterly promotion (ahem! Andrew…)


  1. Adam says

    People should jump all over this offer, 20% bonus is about as good as it gets these days + 1k for auto opt in, win, win!
    Convert VA into HH and off you go…

    • Craig Sowerby says

      Only one 1,000 mile bonus this Clubcard statement cycle. But if you’ve earned 1,000 miles previously, you can almost certainly earn them again. (as long as you had set your Tesco account back to vouchers)

  2. Adam says

    Can anyone see confirmation of the 20% through email or the Tesco site as I need to do a 9K VA -> IHG to make Spire and don’t want to transfer more than I need at 1:1.

  3. Darren Matthews says


    Does anybody know if I can transfer my Tesco Clubcard Points over to my partners Virgin Flying Club account? (We live at the same address)

    Many thanks in advance.

  4. Drolma-la says

    Your step-by-step guide doesn’t say how long to wait between turning auto opt in off and then switching it back on. Two hours? Two days? Two weeks?

    • Craig Sowerby says

      Once you get your 1,000 miles, you turn opt-in OFF. After you see that the promo has returned in a new statement cycle, you can turn opt-in ON. (but definitely making sure that you received Clubcard vouchers first)

      Hope that explanation helps…

  5. L Roth says

    Just phoned up Tesco who said there isn’t a 20% on the site?
    How come this isn’t advertised? Can you confirm it’s still working and if I put through an order now there is a 20% bonus? Seems strange they keep it secret now?

  6. Akkers says

    Has anyone received their 1,000 Virgin Atlantic miles for signing up for Auto Opt-In. i haven’t this quarter ( I did in the previous quarter) and getting worried as close to Jan cutoff date. Might just leave it a day or 2 more.

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